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It’s Not All About The Bouquets

For some people, the only time they consider flowers is when a wedding is involved – their own or someone else’s. While a wedding is often defined and judged based on the flowers involved – from the bouquets to the buttonholes to the aisle decorations – it’s not the only time that flowers affect our daily lives and inspire us with their presence. It’s just that we often simply don’t notice. One thing is for certain: When it comes to the power of the florist in our lives, it’s not all about bouquets. It’s also not all about flowers.
Flowers are everywhere in our lives. The lovely arrangement that greets us at our employer’s reception area was put together by a florist. The keepsake we take home from a party was created and delivered by a florist. Bouquets delivered to the hospital when a baby comes into the world – a florist. Chocolate or a gorgeous rose or two for a romantic moment – there’s a florist. And the beautiful, sober flowers that comfort us in times of pain were thoughtfully and compassionately arranged by a florist, using their knowledge and artistic vision to improve the world and make things easier for everyone.
And when all those bouquets go out into the world, the florist doesn’t expect or require any credit. The credit always goes to the thoughtful person who set the floral wheels in motion – as it should. But once in a while when you’re feeling cheerful on a spring morning because of the flowers everyone has on display, or when your celebration is made more colourful with flowers, or when hard times are eased just a bit by the timely arrival of flowers – think of the florist who did their part and give them their due.

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