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Florists Sydney - Florist Domination

It’s not easy being the best florist Sydney has ever seen – or any other city in Australia, for that matter. Not only do you have to come out of the gate running at full speed, but you have to keep up the high standards day in and day out. Because the people of Sydney have high standards and they have a lot of choices of florists. One bad day and they’re working with someone else – that’s the city way.
So when the corporate account calls and needs flowers immediately for an event because someone on the committee forgot, they don’t want to hear why you can’t possibly manage it, they just want service – and either you can provide it, or they’ll find someone else who can.
PLEASE NOTE: We are an online entity with no store front so people cannot walk into our stores like they can with a traditional style florist.
Or when a bride phone us  anxious and worried because they don’t know what kind of wedding flowers will work best with their bridesmaid’s dresses, she needs you to have ideas and suggestions – and a sympathetic ear. And on the day of her wedding, those flowers better be there and they better be in perfect condition, because she’s got plenty of friends and relations getting married in the coming years, and she will tell your story – good or bad.
The thing about big cities is, they have small-town hearts, and news travels fast. You might think that one unhappy customer in a sea of hundreds of thousands can’t possibly harm your reputation – but you’d be wrong. One bad delivery and your name is mud all over town. And that was before the Internet – now it’s even faster, and even harder to combat.
So we treat everyone who comes in like a new best friend. It’s the only way to make it in the big city.

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