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Flowers By Occasion – Even Roll Your Own Occasions

No one needs to tell us that life can get complicated. When we’re kids, everything is simple. Slowly, complexity creeps in – first we add in school, then we add in relationships, then there’s graduation and careers, marriage and children. When we’re kids, there are basically three holidays that count: Birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day. As we get older, the list grows, until you need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the occasions in our lives that call for flowers.
We’re florists – we know every possible occasion for flowers. When you call us or go online, we don’t just have a single display called FLOWERS and one kind of plant there for you. We have a huge selection of flowers by occasion. Because that’s what we do – we make sure that no matter what the reason is or what you're celebrating, we have the perfect flowers, the perfect gifts, and the perfect arrangements for that occasion.
Whether it’s something simple and traditional like a birthday, an anniversary, Mother’s Day, or a hospital visit, or something obscure like Arbour Day or Earth Day, or something totally personal and unique to you and your friends, any florist worth their salt will either have the ideal arrangement already created, or will be able to put the perfect thing together in short order.
In fact, here’s a challenge to everyone: make your own holiday. Why wait until society tells you it’s okay to celebrate with some fresh flowers, some gifts, and a nice dinner? Think about the things in your life that mean something, and make up your own annual (or biannual, or monthly) celebration! And don’t forget to include lots of beautiful flowers as part of the tradition – don’t worry, we’re ready for the challenge. We’re florists – it’s what we do!

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