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Gift Ideas for Mum - The Key To Mum

Mum and Dad always pose a challenge when it comes to gifts; for some reason the fact that they are usually the only people you’ve known literally for your entire life makes it that much harder to come up with appropriate gifts – and the mother is usually the hardest of the two. That’s why Mothers Day remains a key day for any florist to prove their worth – we’re always inundated with desperate children who have no idea what to send to their mother. The second most key day for a florist? Mother’s birthday, of course.
Being a florist though is only half running a business delivering flowers. The other half is acting as a gift consultant. We’re always happy to help people with great gift ideas for Mum. We’ve been in business long enough to have seen everything, which gives us plenty of material to draw from when coming up with genius gift ideas.
Here’s the key: You have to talk to your customers. Every mother is different, and every kid’s relationship with their Mum and Dad is different as well. If you go generic with the gift suggestions, you can almost see the disappointment in your customer’s face. They don’t want generic for their mum’s birthday or Mothers Day – and just because they can’t think of the perfect gift on their own doesn’t mean they’re willing to settle for anything less. You have to do your duty as a florist and dig in there to find out what their particular Mum is like.
The best part? You make friends. It’s amazing and humbling how often a five minute conversation about someone’s mother, followed by the perfect gift suggestion, leads to a thank you phone call a few days later, which leads to a long-term, solid friendship.

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