> 3 Easy DIY Gifts to Give with Flowers this Valentine’s Day

Homemade dinner

3 Easy DIY Gifts to Give with Flowers for Valentine's Day 

Being thoughtful enough to order Valentines Day flowers online will get you in the good books with your partner or family member this February, but your expression of love and appreciation doesn’t have to stop with a spectacular floral arrangement.

You can give something extra this year without having to break the bank. Here are three easy DIY gift ideas for him and her that can help accentuate the amazing beauty of your Valentine's Day roses and bouquets.

A Handmade Book 

Making a book for your partner is easier than you think, and you don’t have to be an award-winning writer to make it happen. There are several ways to put the book together. You can cut pages to size and staple them inside a cardstock cover, or use note cards or recipe cards. You can punch holes on one side and use binder rings to keep the whole thing together.

As far as what goes on the actual pages, well, that’s up to you! You can have a theme, like a page for each week of the year or pieces meant to be read on certain upcoming dates that are important to you and whomever is receiving your Valentine's Day flowers. Such a gift is limited only by your imagination.

A Special Homemade Dinner

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best ideas. Whipping up your partner or family member’s favourite dish to go along with your online flower delivery for Valentine’s Day can be a fantastic move. You can even go the extra mile and try to pair flowers with food and wine this year for a special treat.

Combining gorgeous blooms with a homemade meal and perhaps some lit candles can create a sensational scene that provides a delicious feast for all of the recipient’s senses.

An Elegant Painted Vase

You can take a relatively simple vase you buy at the shops and customise it any way you’d like to give your Valentines Day flowers a bit more meaning or flair. Find a plain white vase and paint it to complement the colours of the beautiful red roses you buy, or decorate it with some photos or knick-knacks that are meaningful to you and the recipient. Go nuts! Because it’s coming from you, it’ll meant the world to whomever is accepting it.

Make your Gift Memorable with Fresh Flowers

Complementing your beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers with a personal touch doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Create something special to go with the vibrant blooms you order online from Fresh Flowers for a wonderful celebration this year. Our expert florists are happy to help you choose the best blooms to go with your gifts. 


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