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5 Affordable Ways to Acknowledge Employees

Keeping morale high in a professional setting is important if you want to reach peak productivity. One of the best ways to do this is by rewarding and acknowledging jobs well done. Doing so is a surefire way to keep those in the office happy. Such recognition doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Here are five easy ways to acknowledge good work in your office that don’t break the bank.


  1. Buy them some fresh flowers
One cost-effective way to show that you appreciate the work done by employees and/or peers is to order flowers online. Pick out a special arrangement for somebody who’s been hitting important targets or otherwise gone above the call of duty so they can display it proudly on their desk. Or, even better, set up a flower concierge service that will regularly deliver flowers to your office and act as a reward for continued hard work.  

  1. Improve the mood
Letting workers play music or dress casually is a free and effective way to acknowledge hard work. Relaxing the environment a bit with these simple pleasures lets workers know you’re cognizant of their efforts.

  1. Let them eat cake (or lunch)
Getting the team out of the office on a Friday is one of the simplest yet finest rewards you can bestow. Shouting lunch not only acts as a reward for workers, but also provides a great opportunity to foster strong social connections that can bring the group closer. Letting them choose the cuisine or location, within reason, or barbecuing for them makes the gift even sweeter. Alternatively, you can opt for cake or other treats for the team at the end of a grueling part of the year.

  1. Shout it out
Another cost-free way of rewarding and recognising employees is by making announcements via email or social media or during company or department-wide meetings. This fills workers with pride and broadcasts their accomplishments to peers who otherwise might have been unaware.

  1. Call it early
Perhaps the most tried and true method of employee recognition is the good old early mark. Letting your team leave the office early as a reward for accomplishing tasks will put a smile on their faces and endear you to them even more.

Rewarding workers makes them happy and motivates them to continue working hard for. It can also help retain the best members of your team. Don’t feel like you have to waste money on lavish parties and gifts. Order some fresh flowers online, surprise them with an early mark or employ any of these great ideas today to show your workers you appreciate their efforts.

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