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Congratulations flowers

5 Great Occasions For Sending Congratulations Flowers

Just about any occasion is a good reason to send a stunning floral arrangement. You might have already ordered fresh flowers online to celebrate new baby arrivals, to wish your partner happy anniversary and to commemorate a special birthday. But don’t feel like you have to be confined to those more traditional moments! Here are five great occasions for sending flowers that you might not have thought of.

  1. Moving house

Receiving mail or other posted items at home from friends and family is always fun, but the enjoyment can be even greater when the gift arrives at a new house. If you can get your timing right, you can send flowers to the new residence sometime during the window in which your friends or family are moving in. A nice vase full of sunflowers can add some sunny cheerfulness to the chaos that comes with moving house.

  1. Graduation

Have a niece, nephew or grandchild walking across the stage and can’t be there to help him or her celebrate their achievements? No worries! Just order some flowers online and have them delivered to the new graduate’s house. For extra impact, try to match the flowers you order online to the university’s colours.

  1. New job or promotion

Whether it’s a work colleague who you are friends with or a friend or family member, getting a new job or promotion is certainly something to celebrate. A nice arrangement of fresh blooms can be just the thing to christen a new desk and symbolise a new professional start.

  1. Personal achievement

Do you have a friend who has been spending hours each week trying to achieve a personal goal? Perhaps they’ve been training for a marathon or are part of an acting, dancing or music group and just completed a big performance. Even if you’re not there to greet him or her at the finish line or throw roses on the stage after the show’s over, you can shower them with affection and congratulations by sending them some fresh flowers.

  1. Pregnancy or engagement

Don’t feel like you have to wait for the birth of a baby or the couple to walk down the aisle to order beautiful flowers online for the special people in your life. Celebrating great news is a fantastic time to pick out some flowers and send them to celebrate.
You don’t need a special occasion to order flowers online for yourself or somebody else. But celebrating things both big and small in life with some awesome arrangements can bring a smile to your friends’ and family members’ faces when they receive your thoughtful gift. Learn more about our great delivery options and help share the joy today.

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