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5 Tips For Buying Valentine’s Day Flowers

Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, and everyone knows that this means it’s time to start thinking about which flowers you’d like to buy for your special someone, and how you’ll get them to their door. To ensure your gift buying and flower delivery goes smoothly, we’ve put together a list of tips to help you get organised!

1. Write a Personalised Note

A Valentine’s Day gift is perhaps one of the most personal to give and receive. Make your intentions or loving thoughts clear by accompanying the gift with a personalised message or card.


Writing a special message will demonstrate that you have put extra thought into your beloved’s gift, and are prepared to put the time in to make Valentine’s Day that much more special. The card also provides a reminder long after the day has ended that you thought of them on this romantic occasion.

A great way to personalise your card is to match the flowers you’re purchasing to the type of card you wish to write. If you would like to write a loving message, for example, red roses would be the perfect flowers to accompany your card.

2. Match Flowers To Your Relationship

There’s much more to a beautiful flower than simply their colour and fragrance. Particular flowers have always excited certain senses and emotions, and consequently flowers have different cultural meanings. To get extra creative, you can send flowers for Valentine’s Day that match the relationship you share with the recipient!


The colours pink and red will do the job perfectly for Valentine’s Day, an occasion centred on love and romance. Choose a dozen red roses if you’d like to express your deep love for a partner, but for new romances, friends, or colleagues, pink roses are the best expression of affection.

3. Plan a Surprise With Flowers

A surprise flower delivery for Valentine’s Day says a thousand words about your feelings for the recipient. Why a surprise flower delivery? Well, everyone loves gifts, and there’s nothing more fun than enjoying one you didn’t realise you would receive!


Imagine your special someone at work in the office, excited for the dinner you have planned later in the day, and a fragrant delivery of flowers arrives to adorn their desk. When you surprise with flowers, you’re also gifting an experience.

4. Choose a Style To Impress

Red Roses


A Valentine’s Day flower arrangement can take many forms, and incorporates all the romantic shades of the occasion. Arrangements of pink, red, and roses can be styled up in a gorgeous vase or boxed for your recipient to enjoy. These are often complemented by gerberas, lilies, orchids and other fragrant flowers to complete the arrangement.

5. Order Your Flowers Early

Gift planning has never been more important than on Valentine’s Day, and this is due to time and stock. Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day is a national occasion for gift giving, which means florists’ delivery trucks will be busier the closer it gets to February 14th.


You’ll also need to be aware that some of the more popular Valentine’s Day flowers, like red roses, are likely to go out of stock much quicker at this time of year. If you have your heart set on showering your partner with a bouquet of red roses, ordering early will guarantee that your special someone receives your preferred floral gift.

Organise Your Valentine’s Day Flower Delivery

All that’s left to do now is to choose your Vday flowers and arrange for them to be delivered on, or around Valentine’s Day. Order early, ensure that you choose a flower that matches your intended sentiment, and consider purchasing a style or accompanying with a handwritten note, and your flowers will be welcomed with open arms.


We deliver to all major Australian cities and regional locations. So if you live or wish to send flowers to someone in metros like Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne or Perth, order by February 14th for same day delivery


Still not sure about your Valentine’s Day flower delivery? Get in touch with the friendly team at Fresh Flowers for more information.


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