> 5 Tips For Planning A Stellar Summer Wedding

Planning A Stellar Summer Wedding

5 Tips For Planning A Stellar Summer Wedding

Getting married in the beautiful sunshine of the Australian summer can be a magical experience. Combining the love of your life and a collection of other special people on a warm day under a cloudless sky is an experience that you’ll remember forever.

However, great occasions such as these require a lot of planning. Here are some things to keep in mind as you start putting together your summer wedding.

  1. Pick the right flowers

Ordering flowers online for you wedding is one of the smartest moves you can make when it comes to planning and decorating the big day. When deciding which amazing blooms to include in your bouquet and centrepieces, keep in mind that potentially hot conditions can affect certain species differently. Flowers such as chrysanthemumscarnations and natives are all durable varieties that can withstand a bit of summer heat. Try to keep them as cool and watered as possible before and during guests’ arrival.

  1. Get the best of both worlds

The best way to take advantage of the fantastic summer weather in Australia is to have a venue that features ample indoor and outdoor space. Perhaps some sort of boat house or club house on the beach, where you can host the proceedings near the water before retreating to the coolness of the structure, is the way to go. If there’s no building to take advantage of, you can rent a large tent to beat the heat.

  1. Think about the sun

In addition to just being physically uncomfortable, the heat can greatly affect other aspects of your big day. If you’re having the ceremony outside, avoid using metal chairs that will heat up under the rays. Have sunscreen on hand for those that desire it and make sure you have everything required to keep food and drinks cold in the heat. Also, consider looking for dresses and suits for the wedding party that are made of thinner, lighter fabric.

  1. Don’t weigh down the bellies

While you might usually like loading up on pasta smothered in delicious red or white sauce and accompanying it with a variety of breads, such food can weigh down guests. If you’re holding your wedding in the summer, go with lighter fare featuring refreshing vegetables and salads. These will go over better than the aforementioned pasta or meat and potatoes dishes.

  1. Keep the cake covered and cool

Everybody loves admiring a stunning, multi-tiered wedding cake. But leaving it out for a long period of time can expose it to not only the Australian heat, but also pesky bugs that come out of the woodwork during the warmer months. Keep your cake refrigerated at the venue to avoid such issues.
Having a wedding during the Australian summer is a tremendous idea that can provide amazing backdrops for some of your most cherished memories. Just keep these tips in mind to avoid some of the pitfalls that can come with such an undertaking.

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