> 5 Tips For Planning A Super Surprise Party

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5 Tips For Planning A Super Surprise Party

Planning a surprise party is one of the best ways possible to celebrate birthdays. But pulling off a successful surprise get together takes a bit of work. Here are five things to keep in mind if you’re trying to spring a surprise on somebody.

Take advantage of online flower delivery
Being able to order flowers online eliminates one of the major headaches that can come with planning a quality surprise party. Having to run around and buy and store decorations can not only be time consuming, but can also lead to questions that can blow your cover. Online flower delivery allows you to receive flowers at the venue in the hours before the party so they look fresh and great when it’s time to go. Fresh Flowers can make surprise parties in Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Central Coast and other major metropolitan areas around Australia look great.

Don’t reserve it for the milestone
Surprise parties can be especially effective for birthdays that are not considered to be particularly noteworthy. Like other special occasions such as anniversaries, milestone birthdays can heighten the senses of those being celebrated. So, if you want to really catch that special someone off guard, throw them a surprise party on a random birthday instead.

Mind the numbers
These days, almost everybody uses online services to do their banking. If you share a bank account with your partner or whomever else you’re hoping to throw the party for, make sure to take care when making purchases on cards you both use. You don’t want a line item on a bank statement to spoil your efforts!

Start early
If possible, try to give yourself as much time as possible so you won’t be forced into trying to take care of party-related errands when you might be found out. Giving yourself several months to plan and complete tasks provides the chance to make up different excuses to go do things and gives you wiggle room in case something else comes up that you can’t comfortably avoid getting out of.

Have somebody else spring the trap
Having somebody other than you propose an event for the guest of honour to attend is a great way to keep him or her off the scent. The more standard or believable the invitation, the better. If you can, make it something standard like a dinner with friends or something like that. Have a friend or family member propose a date in advance. This will make it seem like you have had no input and therefore keep the alarm bells from ringing.

With some proper planning you can throw a surprise party that will catch the guest of honour completely unaware. Just follow these tips and get ready to snap a photo of the look on his or her stunned face upon arrival!

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