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5 Tips For Taking Fantastic Flower Photos

Have you just received a stunning bouquet of gorgeous red roses, glowing sunflowers or bright and cheery chrysanthemums? Well show it off! One of the best things about ordering flowers online or receiving a great bunch from somebody special in your life is displaying it proudly. And a great way to do that is by sharing such arrangements online on the Fresh Flowers Instagram and Facebook pages.

Want to make sure you’re doing your beautiful flowers justice? Here are five tips for taking stunning flower photos.

  1. Try different angles

Try shooting your flowers from a variety of vantage points to see which one looks best. Take some snaps looking down on the flower, or lay down and shoot upwards. Depending on which way the flower opens and how it’s sitting, you might get that perfect shot from an unusual angle.

  1. Note the background

If you really want to make your flowers the star, be sure to take notice of the background on which you’re shooting. Placing them in front of a plain white wall can help you highlight their best features, as can a beautiful blue sky.

  1. Set the scene

Another great facet of ordering flowers online is the plants’ ability to help add amazing colour and life to a wide variety of environments. If you want to share your bouquet’s ability to tie a room together or showcase its prominence in your interior design decisions, don’t be afraid to do so.

  1. Use your feet

This tip goes hand in hand with the concept of trying different angles to try to capture the best possible snap. If you want a closer view of your flower or arrangement, walk closer to it instead of zooming in. This is especially helpful if you’re using a smartphone to take your photos. Getting closer to your subject will allow you to use the powerful abilities of your camera fully, with extreme zoom-ins on one specific aspect of the plant great options for pictures.

  1. Shoot in soft light

When possible, you’ll want to use soft, natural light when taking photos of your flowers. Direct sunlight can be too harsh might create unsightly shadows that cover up some of the finest parts of your flowers. If this is the case, try to deflect some of the light with white paper or dampen it with a white sheet.
Use these tips to capture the best shots of your great flowers and start sharing them with fellow flower lovers on our Facebook and Instagram pag

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