> 7 Off-The-Wall Orchid Facts


7 Off-The-Wall Orchid Facts

Orchids can instantly provide life and colour to almost any environment. Whether you order these flowers online for yourself or decide to give them as a great gift for somebody’s home or office, you know that you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with orchids. But there is more to learn about one of your favourite flowers. Here are seven orchid facts you might not have been aware of.

Orchids are symmetrical
One of the most fascinating aspects of an orchid flower is that it is symmetrical. Similar to a human face, if you divide an orchid flower down the middle vertically, both sides will be more or less the same. This is known as floral symmetry.

There are tonnes of types
Scientists have announced that there are more than 25,000 varieties of orchid, leaving us all quite spoilt for choice! Even better is that there are new species being discovered regularly. Fresh Flowers is proud to carry several types of these flowers online, including Phalaenopsis and Singapore orchids, in a variety of colours and arrangements.

Vanilla comes from an orchid
Whether its flavour is used in the world’s favourite baked goods or love its scent, vanilla is a super popular product. Did you know that vanilla products, which originate from the vanilla bean, come from a species of orchid? Well, now you do!

They’re nearly everywhere
The orchid grows in a variety of places around the world. In fact, you can find orchids on six of the seven continents. As you might guess, Antarctica is the only continent on which orchids don’t grow.

Orchids can trick insects
Flowers rely on several factors to grow, one of which is pollination that is aided by insects. Orchids draw in insects by looking like them. The insects will come land on the flower thinking it is a potential mate. When it lands, the insect is covered in orchid pollen. It then takes this pollen away with it, spreading it to the next flower it approaches.

They’ve been around for a while
In 2007 scientists found orchid pollen on the back of a fossilised bee that had been encased in amber. That fossil is estimated to be 10-15 million years old, but some other studies have found evidence that suggests orchid species have been around for 120 million years.

Some believe orchids can be medicinal
Many around the world believe orchids can help cure common ailments such as coughs and headaches. Those in China have been using orchids for medical needs for hundreds of years.
Now you know a bit more about the orchids you love so much. If reading all of this makes you want to order some orchids online, hop onto FreshFlowers.com.au today and browse all of the awesome choices available to you.

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