> Why Australian Natives are the Trendiest Flowers of 2019

Why Australian Natives are the Trendiest Flowers of 2019

Our native flowers in Australia are known for their rich, earthy colours and bold, unique forms that allow their natural beauty to shine through. We are fortunate to have access to the most beautiful native foliage and flowers, but it’s also something that we often take for granted.

So as florists, we’re thrilled to see that native flowers have undergone a sort of renaissance the past couple of years. Their popularity has grown and they’re now considered the trendiest flowers of 2019.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to native Australian flowers. It will introduce you to native flowers that are most popular, to choose the best native flowers for different occasions and understand the many presentation styles you can purchase online.

Whether it be for your home, a friend's birthday, decorations for a baby shower or a bouquet at a wedding, find out why these flowers are Australia’s favourite right now.

What are the Most Popular Native Flowers?

According to Tourism Australia, Australia is home to 24,000 species of native plants. With so many different varieties to choose from, it is no surprise that picking the best ones is difficult - especially if you’re not familiar with the different kinds of native flowers.

To make your decision a bit easier, here are some of the most popular native flowers among Australians right now:


The banksia flower is trending thanks to its beautiful, distinctive candle-shape look. It is one of Australia’s most well known native plants, coming in shades of red, orange, yellow and greenish white.  A vibrant red banksia is a bold addition to any floral arrangement.


The waratah’s striking appearance comes from its spectacular, large and bright look that is both bold and gorgeous. This flower is well known, particularly in New South Wales as it is their floral emblem. A wildflower native arrangement, with a lively mix of colours is the perfect combination where a bright yellow waratah adds to the vibrancy of the floral mix, creating that desired native flower look.


The eucalyptus tree is one of the most iconic symbols of the Australian native environment. Fun fact: Did you know that these trees are among the tallest flowering plants on earth? Their leaves in a floral arrangement are one of the most subtle, yet stunning additions. The rich, beautiful fragrant scent surely makes them a winner.


The bottlebrush is also iconic in the native Australian landscape, with more than 40 species being found around Australia. It is well known for its unique and stunning brush shape with its fiery red flower. When contrasted with green leaves it is a spirited, gorgeous flower that will brighten up any arrangement.

Golden wattles

The wattle is one of Australia’s most well known and most loved plants. The golden wattle is our national floral emblem, bearing the national colours of green and gold. A symbol of unity, golden wattles grow prosperously all across Australia. Their sweet, bright yellow appearance is perfect to add that classic native flower look to any bouquet or vase arrangement.   

Why are Native Flowers Trending?

The newfound popularity of Australian native flowers is not a surprise to us! Their beautiful, sophisticated look is drop dead gorgeous. However, native flowers have not always been as popular as they are now.

So let’s look at why everyone is loving them at the moment:

Their classic rustic, boho look has us falling in love with them

With their incredibly beautiful and unique look, these flowers are unlike any conventional floral presents. The vibrancy of their colour and texture, as well as their fresh, rich fragrant scent is loved by everyone.

With the rise of the boho trend in homewares, fashion and floral arrangements, the native Australian flowers with their natural, rustic look fit in perfectly! Boho is short for bohemian which is inspired by the lifestyle of free spirits and hippies of the 1960s and 1970s.

A beautiful posy with a mix of native flowers in a vase is the perfect combination of this rustic, boho theme, perfect to give as a trendy gift for a birthday or to be placed in your mum’s home. Many Aussie brides are also loving to use these rustic flowers in their wedding bouquets or to add a unique character to the venue for their reception.

The longevity of native flowers gives you more value for your money!   

Not only are these blooms stunning, they also are long lasting and resilient. People are choosing to purchase Australian natives over traditional blooms for added bang for their buck! With the right care and fresh water in the vase every couple of days, cut native flowers can easily last over two weeks!

As a gift, these flowers are sure to continue blooming in your loved one or friends home, so your gift is loved and appreciated for much longer than normal blooms.

These flowers are available all year round, perfect for any occasion

Australian natives are not restricted to any one season, offering florists and flower lovers something new all year round. This means that they are perfect for any occasion. Whether it be a wedding in the middle of summer, or the middle of winter, Australian native flowers can be a lovely centrepiece or bouquet guaranteed to be fresh and fragrant.

The Different Types of Native Flower Arrangements


A bouquet arrangement of native flowers is a perfect gift to send to a friend or loved one as birthday or sympathy flowers. Typically, bouquets have a tradition of being a gesture of appreciation and affection to friends or loved ones. Native flowers in a bouquet arrangement is a stunning gift with it’s wonderfully long lasting selection of flowers that can be easily transported and displayed in a friend or loved ones home.

Vase arrangement

When looking for a more sophisticated gift or decoration, you can’t go past native flowers in a vase. These extravagant and rich arrangements are nice to offer someone as a gift. The florists at Fresh Flowers love working with natives as they can be beautifully arranged. A good arrangement has the power to transform the aesthetics of a room at home or at an event.

Native plants in a wreath

Native plants are also very commonly used in wreaths for special occasions such as funerals, ANZAC day, or around Christmas time.

For ANZAC day, these flowers symbolise resilience and our homeland. This makes native floral wreaths perfect to pay your respects.

Many families are also increasingly choosing an arrangement of native plants to be beautifully displayed in a wreath at funerals. Wreaths with specially selected foliage can be a special way to express feelings of sadness and remembrance, as well as a celebration for the life that was lived. Native flowers bring a sense of warmth and comfort to funeral ceremony.

For more festive times such as Christmas, a wreath with native flowers plants can be an eye striking table centrepiece for a lunch or dinner. A wreath packed with warm, rich hues and natural beauty serves as the ideal focal point at your Christmas event which will impress your guests!

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Native Australian flowers are in abundance right now, make sure you don’t miss out on getting the trendiest flowers of 2019! These flowers will make your next gift or decoration that bit more beautiful. Our native flowers range is full of generously large arrangements, petite posies, and stylish bouquets.

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