> What is the Most Common Flower Given on Mother’s Day?

What is the Most Common Flower Given on Mother’s Day?

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We Aussies love our mums, if Mother’s Day data is anything to go by! According to the Australian Retailers Association, Aussies of all ages collectively splash out nearly $2 billion worth of flowers and gifts on Mother’s Day. No matter what your plan for Mother’s Day is, it would be incomplete without a bouquet of fresh flowers to complement your gift.


Flowers magazine ranks roses, lilies, orchids and natives as best-selling blooms in the country. But around Mother’s Day, this trend shifts in favour of other favourites such as tulips, carnations and chrysanthemums. While mum is sure to appreciate whatever flowers you choose, there are certain types that tend to be more popular as Mother’s Day gifts.


If you’re looking for some inspiration to help you find the perfect Mother’s Day blooms, read on to learn about the most common flowers for Mother’s Day (plus a few more of our favourites!).

What Is the Most Common Flower on Mother’s Day?

So, what do people usually choose to say thanks to mum on her special day? Here are some of our favourite flowers that represent Mother’s Day.


Thanks to Mum


In Australia, tulips are available from Autumn to early Spring. By the time Mother’s Day rolls around, these exquisite blooms are aplenty with your local florist. Their pretty colours and unique shape makes them the queen of winter flowers in Australia, so a gift of gorgeous tulips this Mother’s Day will certainly be appreciated by mum!


To take it up another notch, send your beautifully presented Mother’s Day tulips with a bottle of bubbly. Celebrate the good times and wonderful memories with a toast to mum and all she’s done and continues to do for you. She’ll feel on top of the world!


With their array of colours and lovely fragrance, lilies are always show-stopping and bound to make mum smile on Mother’s Day. Whether you opt for a bright and beautiful bouquet or a stylish luxury arrangement in a vase, mum is sure to love them. With most varieties of lilies, if their looks don’t steal the show, their fragrance certainly will.


Aussies adore roses! Besides being a top seller in the Australian market, roses also comprise over 50% of all flower imports to the country! Whether you’re sending flowers to your mum, aunt, sister, grandma or mother in law, you can’t go wrong with beautiful roses.


From a simple classic bouquet to an elaborate boxed arrangement with long-stemmed roses, they make an elegant Mother’s Day gift. If you want to make your roses extra special, you can always send your Mother’s Day flowers with chocolates. Perfect if mum has a sweet tooth, and she’ll feel totally pampered when her special gifts arrive.


These beauties are in full bloom in autumn, which has traditionally made them a readily-available flower choice for an Aussie Mother’s Day. What’s more, these flowers have the word ‘‘mum’, which adds to the appeal of these flowers!


Their bright, bold and cheery blooms make a beautiful gift and there’s a wide range of colours from bright and vibrant tones through to softer shades. Whether you choose pink, yellow, red, orange or white, chrysanthemums look gorgeous as a potted gift, mixed posy or large bouquet.


The most common Mother’s Day flower in many places around the globe, carnations are a popular choice here in Australia, too. Perfect for mums and grandmothers who like a sweet, pretty flower the rich colours of carnations add a classic touch to any arrangement.

What are the Best Flowers for your Mother-In-Law?

Mother's Day Flowers


If you’ve already decided what flowers you’re going to send mum but are slightly intimidated when it comes to choosing the right flowers to your mother-in-law, don’t worry - you’re not alone!


It’s normal to wonder if your Mother’s Day flowers for mum-in-law will look like they’re not ‘expensive enough’ or that they’re too ‘flamboyant’ for the kind of relationship you share with her.


So here are some tips to make this decision easier:


- As far as possible, select flowers that are similar for both your own mum and your mother-in-law. This will avoid any comparisons that could lead to hurt feelings.

- Choosing flowers that suit her personality is a good place to start, and this goes for both the type and colour of flower.

- If she’s outgoing and bubbly, opt for a bright and colourful mixed bouquet featuring lilies or gerberas.

- If her style is more traditional, go for lighter shades of lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations or roses.


If you’re like most people, you probably don’t thank your mum or mum-in-law nearly as much as you should for all she does – so be sure to let her know loud and clear on Mother’s Day exactly how much she means to you!


Whether you’re sending flowers to your mum, grandmother, mother-in-law or the mother of your children, make her feel special, loved and appreciated with a beautiful gift of her favourite flowers on Mother’s Day.


Having trouble deciding which flowers to send on Mother’s Day? We’d love to help you find the perfect gift! Learn more about our delivery and service on the FAQs page or get in touch with our friendly team for expert advice. We deliver to all major Australian locations, from Sydney to Melbourne and beyond!


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