> Cut Flower Care Guide

Cut Flower Care Guide

Cut Flower Care Guide


If you’ve just had some love sent your way in the form of fresh flowers, or bought a bouquet to cheer yourself up, you know they’re going to brighten your day. But did you also know that you can make that floral joy last much longer with a touch of extra care?


Follow these quick steps to ensure that even with their short lifespan, your vibrant bouquet of roses or orchids continue to bring you much joy until it lasts:

Prepare the vase

Start off with a clean vase that’s neither too large or too small for your flowers to sit comfortably. You could use household bleach to kill fungi and bacteria lurking within the vase as they tend to shorten the life of fresh blooms.


Next, gently pour fresh water into the vase until it’s about three-quarters full. If you’ve received flower food with your bouquet, add it now as per the instructions.

Prepare and arrange the flowers

Give the stems a fresh angular cut roughly 3 cm from the base. As far as possible, re-cut the stems either in a water-filled bowl or under running water to prevent air entering the stems.


Minute air bubbles lodged inside flower stems can block water from reaching the flowers, depriving them of essential nourishment. Once you’ve placed the flowers in a vase, remove any leaves below the water as they will rot and cause the water to turn foul.

Choose the right spot

Most flowers, including lilies, gerberas, roses and tulips, love cool (but not cold) conditions. So it’s important that you keep your flower arrangement away from direct sunlight, a heater, or fireplace. Keeping them right under an air conditioner will also shorten their life.


Finally, remember to pour a little fresh water into the vase every day and change the water when it begins to look cloudy.

Keeping Your Flowers Fresh

So the next time you receive or purchase flowers - especially if they symbolise a special celebration such as Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or birthday - follow these easy tips to keep them happier, longer!

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