> Thoughtful First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Mums

Thoughtful First Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for New Mums

First Mother's Day Gifts

The first year of motherhood is full of many special moments – from milestones like the first smile and wobbly steps, to the bonding and cuddles in between. But it’s also extremely hard work. New mums are on call around the clock caring for baby, while also dealing with the daily challenge of sleepless nights, wet nappies and an overflowing washing basket.

While you see and appreciate everything she does, it can be hard to find a moment to tell your partner how you feel – which is why it’s so important to make her first Mother’s Day a memorable one.

If you’re stuck for ideas, you may be tempted to pick up a book, CD, perfume or other item on her wish list. And while she’s sure to appreciate it, putting some thought into a gift that has real meaning will create a lasting memory and show her how amazing you think she is.

Her first Mother’s Day deserves to be celebrated – and with a little planning, you can make it an occasion that will be remembered for all the right reasons. So, if you need some inspiration, read on to discover our thoughtful first Mother’s Day gift ideas for new mums.

Choose the Perfect Customised Gift

If you’re wondering what you should do for your wife’s, girlfriend’s, sister’s or daughter's first Mother’s Day, a customised gift is hard to beat. Personalising your gift will make it unique and there are lots of wonderful ways you can capture this moment in time. Here are a few examples:

Baby fingerprint pendant

First Mother's Day Gifts

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For the mum who loves jewellery, a gorgeous pendant necklace complete with baby’s fingerprint makes a lovely gift. Jump online and check out the many design options, then choose the one that fits mum’s style and taste.

Plaster hand and footprints

An oldie but a goodie! What mum wouldn’t love a memento of baby’s tiny hands and feet – and as the wee little one grows up to a teenager and beyond, you’ll look back and marvel that they were ever that small. You can pick up a simple plaster casting kit from your local gift shop or online.

Personalised presents for mum

From bracelets to teacups, and notebooks to socks, there is a wonderful selection of personalised accessories, homewares and trinkets to suit every new mum. Just choose a gift that suits, then add a personalised message or photo to make it just for her and she’s bound to love it.

Create A Motherhood Photo Journey

First Mother's Day Gifts

With most of us carrying a camera in our pocket these days in the form of a smartphone, parents tend to have an extensive collection of baby pics. Trouble is, they often get left on our phone and hardly ever make it out on display to be enjoyed.

Creating a photo journey of the first year makes a special keepsake. Whether you display your favourite photos in a frame, put together a photo book or album, create your own personalised canvas or photo blocks or even a mug, you can do it with ease online from the comfort of your home.

Treat Her to Flowers, Bubbles and A Day Off

First Mother's Day Gifts

Think mum would enjoy a relaxing day at home to celebrate her first Mother’s Day? Then be sure to add some thoughtful touches to make it extra special. Start the day with a surprise delivery of her favourite flowers and champagne delivered to your door.

If you’re not sure what she loves, roses, lilies, tulips and orchids are gorgeous choices, or there’s always the traditional Mother’s Day flowers, carnations or chrysanthemums.

Or, if your budget allows, you can’t go wrong with a luxury arrangement. Then, take over baby duties for the day to give mum some time to relax and recharge, before topping it off by making her a nice home-cooked dinner.

Book in A Family Portrait Day

A family portrait makes a wonderful first Mother’s Day gift – and if you plan ahead you can make a day of it. Start with breakfast in bed for mum and a bunch of beautiful flowers. Then spruce yourselves up and head off to the studio! You’ll have fun posing in front of the camera, while creating a special memory that takes pride of place in the living room and will be treasured forever.

A Memorable First Mother’s Day Brunch

First Mother's Day Gifts

Enjoying a leisurely Mother’s Day brunch is an Aussie tradition, so be sure to make her first one extra special. Here are three simple but memorable ideas:

Brunch at home

For a relaxing brunch minus the crowds, you could always opt to cook up a storm at home. Get mum to put up her feet, while you prepare a selection of her favourite foods. Put some thought into how you’ll set the table too. Use your best dinnerware and cutlery, and add a floral centrepiece to set the right mood.

Eat out at her favourite place

If mum has a weak spot for the banana bread or latte at your local café, you could treat her to a meal out. Just remember to book in advance as many other mums will be out being spoiled too!

Pack a picnic

If the weather is nice and mum enjoys getting out amongst nature, why not pack the picnic basket and head to your favourite spot. This could be the local park or picnic grounds, the beach, or one of the many stunning nature parks and reserves found across Australia.

Her First Mother’s Day Deserves to Be Celebrated

While the first year of motherhood is truly wonderful, it’s also extremely exhausting! Whether it’s your daughter’s first Mother’s Day, or your partner or wife, show her how much you admire and respect her around-the-clock efforts to care for the bundle of joy by spoiling her rotten on Mother’s Day. It is oh so very much deserved!

Are you looking for some inspiration to help you find the perfect floral gift for mum this Mother’s Day? We’d love to help – get in touch for expert floral advice today.