> Flip the script and propose to your man this year

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Flip the Script and Propose to your Man this Year

Men can seem to take a lifetime to pop the big question to their woman. The 29th of February has become a time for women to take things into their own hands and propose to their male partners. As this is in large part thanks to the Irish tradition, it’s time to get into a little bit of background of how this came to be.  

There have been conflicting reports about these origins, but that hasn’t stopped many women around the world from taking advantage of this extra day in February when it rolls around.

Early beginnings

The tradition of women proposing to men on leap day is said to stem from the 5th century, when Irish females started getting fed up about waiting for men to propose. (Some things never change!) Irish nun St. Brigid of Kildare asked St. Patrick to give the women permission to propose to the men. The story goes that St. Patrick declared females could propose once every seven years before St. Brigid convinced him to make it every leap day. Then St. Brigid supposedly got down on her knee to propose to St. Patrick. He refused, but gave St. Brigid a silk gown to lessen the pain of rejection. That gave birth to the rule that men who decline a leap day proposal are supposed to give the proposing woman a silk gown.

Inspired by Irish monks, Queen Margaret supposedly passed a similar law in Scotland in 1288. However, the punishment for a man who declined the offer was a fine.


Other traditions

Other countries have taken the tradition and run with it, with some places unofficially declaring 29 February as Bachelor’s Day. In the United States, some refer to leap day as Sadie Hawkins Day, referencing a dance that involves women asking men to attend. Finnish women are encouraged to propose on leap day for good luck, while Greeks believe getting married in a leap year is bad luck.

Take the Unconventional Path!

Now, like we said, nobody has been able to come up with concrete proof that the events in Scotland and Ireland took place exactly as they’ve been explained. And you might not feel like women need to wait for a specific day to propose. Regardless of where you fall on the tradition itself, if you’re thinking about proposing to your male partner, a bouquet from FreshFlowers.com.au would go nicely with the ring you’ve chosen. Order now!



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