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Flower Centrepiece Arrangement

Flower Centrepiece Arrangement Ideas For Every Season

Who doesn’t love a gorgeous floral arrangement at the centre of the table at dinner on a cold winter’s night or in the veranda for a spring breakfast? Flowers make great centrepieces, but often there is confusion about which ones are the best for particular seasons.


Each season is characterised by more than flower availability, it also has a spirit, a particular mood or sentiment attached to that time of year. This advice will help you make a flower selection based on bringing the spirit and buds of the season into your home.

Flower Centrepiece Arrangements - An Ancient Tradition

Since ancient times


Flowers have been popular as centerpiece arrangements since ancient times. The Ancient Egyptians arranged lotus flowers in special vases, designed to hold their weak stems upright. They also cut lotus flowers and filled ceramic bowls with their buds and blossoms, for ceremonial offerings to deities, and as an imitation of life in tombs.


Depictions of these lotus arrangements have been found in tombs up and down the Nile River, such as the tomb of Perneb, at Saqqara. It shows that the Egyptians dedicated a lot of time and effort to the arrangement of flowers, considering what was appropriate for the place, occasion, and season.


We might have come a long way since those settlements by the Nile, but flowers continue to inspire our creativity. So the next time you’re arranging a pretty floral centrepiece, remember that there’s history behind it!

How to Perfect Your Seasonal Flower Centrepieces


There is a simple formula for choosing a seasonal floral centrepiece. Think about your intended placement, and the demands of that space in terms of colour, lighting and ornament. This will help with selecting the types of flowers you would like to display, reaching a harmony between the above three elements, essential for a successful centrepiece, no matter the season.


Read on to learn how to use seasonal flowers to create a centrepiece that’s in sync with different times of the year.

Bright Flowers Rule Summer

Bright flowers rule summer


Summer has always been a bright and festive season, full of fun times at the beach, in the pool, and a very merry Christmas when you deck the halls with floral grandeur. The flowers in your centrepiece should match these sentiments, so adorn your dining table with brightly coloured gerberas, tulips and lilies, perfect for bbq lunches or dinners.


Display them in a clear glass vase so that the stems can be seen, adding shades of green to break up the burst of white, purple, yellow, red and pink. Coloured glass or ceramic bowls are other fine options if you want to add another shade to the palette.


If the flowers come with leaves, let them be, it’ll give your centrepiece a beautiful natural look. Just make sure that the leaves aren’t submerged in water as they could cause the water to turn foul too soon.

Earthy Hues Abound in Autumn


Autumn is dominated by earthy hues of the harvest. It’s still great for entertaining, with warmer weather under daylight, and cooler evenings. For Autumn gatherings, choose orange flowers as a base, and then combine with shades of white, yellow and red. Roses, lilies and chrysanthemums will do the job, but gerberas are also another nice choice.


For a gorgeous display consider using a clay pot, white ceramic vase for contrast, or perhaps a hollowed out pumpkin if you’re feeling crafty. Wooden boxes can create an effective garden bed aesthetic for outdoor and veranda settings.


Winter is About Serenity

Winter is about serenity

Sitting amidst the icy peaks of winter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a floral centrepiece at the table, or in your study. Winter occasions are generally indoors, particularly if they’re to occur in the evening. Capture the essence of winter with white, blue, or black flowers, presented in a glass vase.


Carnations, chrysanthemums and roses are the go for winter. Include pine cones in your arrangement to evoke mother nature in your centrepiece. For intimate occasions, don’t forget the classic red rose, it’s always a success.

Multi-hued Blooms Dominate Spring


In Spring you’ll see a return of vibrant hues to the table. This is a time to embrace the pinks, purples and yellows of the flower market. Carnations, roses, gerberas, tulips and the phalaenopsis orchid will get your table into the flair of Spring.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with the display. Try presenting your arrangement in a wicker basket or container by concealing a water-filled vase within, or perhaps in a watering can. It will create a handpicked aesthetic, and evoke the spirit of the season.

Source Your Buds and Blooms From Fresh Flowers

Selecting flowers for a seasonal centrepiece is a simple matter if you keep the placement, and the design requirements of that space in mind. The season will determine which flowers are available for you to choose from, but remember to use the season’s colour palette to match the spirit of your occasion.


If you need help choosing flowers for your centrepiece, contact the experts at Fresh Flowers. We’d be delighted to assist you in forming the perfect arrangement.


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