> Spooky Floral Arrangements & Centrepiece Ideas for Halloween

Spooky Floral Arrangements

Spooky Floral Arrangements & Centrepiece Ideas for Halloween

Tired of buying the same old Halloween knick-knacks that flood the markets around this time of the year? We’ve got you covered. Do Halloween decor differently this year with creepy ideas incorporating farm-fresh flowers.

Don’t limit your floral creativity to the traditional black and orange. Use a splash of red, green, purple and white flowers, which also blend in perfectly with the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve.

Read on for eerie inspiration on how to make flower centrepieces that embody the spirit of Halloween.

Carved pumpkin flower vase

Image courtesy: Tina Rainville


This is one activity that the entire family can enjoy. Grab a few pumpkins of assorted sizes from your favourite supermarket and get busy carving Jack-o-lanterns. But here’s the twist: use the carved pumpkins as a flower vase instead!


What you will need:

- Fresh seasonal flowers in orange, yellow, and white (such as these blooms here)
- A round pumpkin
- Cylindrical container
- Cling film
- Pumpkin carving tool kit (or a sharp knife, a pen, and a scoop)
- Water and flower food


How to Make a Carved Pumpkin Vase:

- Cut the top off the pumpkin to make the opening as wide or narrow as you’d like.
- Scoop out the pulp and seeds, and use cling film to line the insides.
- Use your imagination to carve (or even paint!) frightening faces into the pumpkin
- Place the cylindrical container inside the carved pumpkin
- Carefully fill the container with water and flower food.
- Place fresh seasonal flowers into the container
- Add Halloween decorations such as a pirate flag, spider web orbat prop


Roses with black spiders and feathers

Image courtesy: Better Home and Gardens


If you’re looking to create a spooky ambience but still want elegance to be the underpinning theme, go for roses. This understated yet frightening floral centrepiece incorporating fresh roses will leave your guests impressed!


What you will need:

- A bouquet of fresh roses
- Faux black feathers, easily available online
- A pack of black plastic spiders
- A white ceramic vase


How to make a roses centrepiece for Halloween:

- Fill the vase with water and flower food
- Place the roses in the vase
- Insert mock feathers into the rose bunch, pointing them in different directions
- Scatter plastic spiders all over the bouquet and around the vase



Scary succulent skull

Image courtesy: Sugar and Charm


Few things can compete with a skull when it comes to creating haunting decor. But why stop at just the skull when you can add a quirky twist with succulents? Use this simple but long-lasting Halloween decor idea for a frighteningly good party!


What you will need:

- An assortment of succulents (order online)
- Styrofoam skull, easily available online
- A knife
- Duct tape
- Potting soil


How to make a spooky succulent skull:

- Use the knife to cut a square hole in the top of the skeleton
- Use duct tape to seal the edges so the styrofoam remains dry when watering the succulents
- Place moss in the eyes and nose (optional)
- Fill the skull with potting soil and add in the succulents


Black vase with flowers

Image courtesy: My Home Decorating

If you want just a touch of the macabre without going too creepy, try this simple arrangement to subtly accentuate the rest of your Halloween decor. This centrepiece is predominantly black and white, but can be created using seasonal flowers in any other colour too.

The best thing about this centerpiece is that it takes just a few minutes to put together. Perfect for those last-minute floral arrangements!


What you will need:

- A black vase in a shape of your liking
- A selection of white roses or any other flowers you prefer


Steps to create a simple Halloween floral centrepiece:

- Fill the vase with clean water and add some flower food
- Place your favourite flowers in the vase in a neat bunch
- You could replace white roses with assorted purple flowers or rainbow roses if you like
- Serve up your Halloween treats in black plates and bowls, placed around the vase


Make your home the scariest on the street!

You can easily make these conversation-starting floral centrepieces by yourself. All you need is your favourite selection of flowers and a few Halloween-themed baubles. Make sure to order your flowers at least a week in advance to make Halloween decorating a little less exhausting! Need more inspiration or ideas? Simply get in touch with our expert florists today.


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