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How to care for your fresh flowers

Whether you’ve received beautiful anniversary flowersflowers for your birthday, or any other occasion, or even if you just bought yourself a pretty bouquet on a whim – you probably want to make the most of your flowers now that you have them. Take a look at these simple ways you can make your flowers look better, for longer.
Adding the secret ingredient!

Re-cut the stems and place your flowers in fresh water. If you’re unsure about a flower arrangement, try looking online for tips and ideas. Half-fill your clean vase with water and add the pre-packaged additive. Flower Food can help kill bacteria in the water, and can help your flowers live longer and bloom more fully. If your flowers didn’t include an additive, you can buy some from a supermarket or garden centre – or try home-made options such as aspirin, soda, vodka or apple cider vinegar.
Choose the right spot
If you want your flowers to last, you need to choose the right spot for them. Cut flowers tend to prefer cooler temperatures, as they can wilt in the heat. Try to keep your flowers away from hot spots in your house, such as heaters and fireplaces. If you live in a hot climate and have bought flowers in Perth or Adelaide for example, move your flowers to a cool place each night to keep them at their freshest.
Keep them well-cared for
Keep an eye on your flowers day-to-day to make sure they are happy. You may need to add more water, or you may need to change the water if it’s looking polluted. Depending on the additive you use, you may have to add more every few days. Some flowers also like being misted with water each day, keeping them hydrated and fresh.

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