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How To Choose Flowers For Your Garden

Whether you’re planning to create a whole new look in your garden or you just want a few new flowers, there are plenty of things to consider before making any decisions. You will need to think about the look you want to create, the amount of light you have available, the climate you live in and the amount of effort you want to put in day-to-day.
What’s the climate like?
Do you live in a hot, humid climate or perhaps a rainy one? Do you have to deal with frost in winter? The climate you live in will greatly affect the flowers and plants you can grow in your garden. For example, the flowers you can grow in Hobart may be very different to the flowers in Brisbane. Do some research about your own particular climate and find out which plants thrive and which may have problems. It’s also a good idea to find out when to plant each variety to make the most of your weather.
Is your garden in the sun or the shade?
Some flowers love the sun, while some prefer the shade. Make the most of your garden by choosing plants that enjoy your garden’s conditions. Plants that love full sun include geraniums, vinca, marigolds, zinnia, sunflowers and cosmos; plants that like partial sun include begonias, pansies, petunias and annual chrysanthemum; and plants that prefer the shade include impatiens, coleus and primroses.
How big is your garden?
The type of flowers you plant – and the overall look you create – will depend on the size of your garden. If you have a compact garden or a sprawling one, choose plants that will make the most of what you’ve got.
If you’re starting from scratch, start off by measuring your garden and making a scale drawing. Mark off different sections according to what you want to do with each one, taking into account the amount of sun each section enjoys. To get some ideas, check out what other people have done online or in gardening magazines. Be sure to check space requirements for each plant before you buy.
What look do you want to create?
Whether you want to create a traditional country garden or a Balinese-inspired retreat, consider all your options before you start planting. Again, researching ideas can give you a good starting place, and then work with what you’ve got to adjust the style so that it works for you. If you’re interested in colour, try using a colour wheel to find colours that work well together.
It’s also a good idea to consider blooming times for each flower so that you can enjoy year-round colour. Think about whether you want to plant perennials (flowers that bloom year after year, such as roses) or annuals (flowers that only bloom for one season).
How much time and effort can you put in?
If you have green fingers and a lot of time on your hands, you can opt for a garden that needs a lot of tending. If you are time-poor and not that confident in the garden, you may want to create a garden that is fairly low maintenance. To save time later on, try to group flowers according to their watering needs as much as possible.

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