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How To Plan A Wonderful Winter Wedding

Winter in Australia can be a wonderful time to plan a wedding to remember if you play your cards right. Are you considering getting married in winter? Read on for some tips and tricks to keep in mind when planning the big day.

Use the dark to your advantage
Don’t worry about the sun setting earlier in the winter. Instead, take advantage of this fact in your decoration and planning. Check out average sunset times for your location on your wedding date. This will let you time your ceremony and/or reception with the setting sun, providing an amazing backdrop. In terms of decorations, rely on excellent candles, lanterns and creative candle holders that will stand out sharply against the night sky. Bonfires are another great option.

Lavish looks
The hot summer months eliminate a lot of awesome options when it comes to the clothes and makeup you can wear at your wedding. Long-sleeve dresses and comfy shawls and furs are in play with cooler temperatures, as are fantastic looking heavier wool suits for the guys. Cooler winter weather also means you won’t have to worry about sweat affecting makeup, providing a bit more value for the time and money you put into looking good.

Fantastic floral options
There are all sorts of phenomenal choices from which to select when it comes to wedding flowers. One way you can go is with beautiful natives full of wonderful shapes, sizes and colours. The cold weather will keep your flowers fresh all night long and keep them from wilting. Tulips can also really strut their stuff during winter months.

Comfy, cozy venues
Winter months can be great for more rustic venues full of rich wooden tones, leather furniture and roaring fires. Appropriate outdoor venues can also be populated with heaters or bonfires that bring the heat to a cool, crisp evening.

Great practical perks
Winter weddings allow you to benefit from a variety of great perks that aren’t available during warmer months. Wedding venues in Australia are often more affordable on winter dates, and you will often have a better chance of getting your preferred date due to as many preferring warmer summer months for weddings. There is also less likely to be rain that can put a damper on proceedings. 

Don’t shy away from that perfect wedding date just because the air is going to be a bit cooler and there’s going to be a bit less sunlight. Use these factors to your advantage and create the ultimate experience for yourself, your partner and

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