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Matching Rose Colours With Notes and Cards

There’s much more to roses than the classic red that we typically pair with our Valentine’s Day card, or see in the movies. Roses come in pretty much every colour, and each has its own unique meaning. If you’re planning to take red roses to a funeral, you may want to reconsider whether the colour matches the sentiment of your sympathy card, and the occasion.


The Rose as a Symbol


The rose and its colour variants have been used symbolically, throughout human history, to signify everything from love and wealth, to military and political factions. In ancient times the red rose was central to the Greek worship of Aphrodite, whose tears mixed with the blood of her wounded lover Adonis to create it.


Roses were also integral as sigils of the two rival houses in the English War of the Roses. The House of Lancaster donned the red rose on their banner, while the House York sported the white. When Henry Tudor VII achieved victory he united both colours into a single symbol, which we know as "The Tudor Rose".

Victorian Roses


We have inherited the associations we make with colours and flowers from the floriography of the Victorian Period. Roses were gifted for their meaning as much as their appearance and fragrance, affording a convenient way to circumvent the strict rules of decorum that governed social interactions in the Victorian Era.


Everything from the container to the colour combination was a piece of strategy to express an emotion or message that only the recipient could interpret.


Shower Love With Red


Red Roses


Red roses are most commonly associated with love, but the meaning runs deeper. Red rather relates more specifically to lust due to its warmth and energising effect. Use a bouquet of these buds to go with your Valentine’s Day card. A single flower would work nicely with a handwritten poem or note on your first date.


A Softer Touch With Pink


If you’re worried about sending the wrong message with red roses, pink is a gentler alternative. Pink roses tap into a broader scope of the love spectrum, more suitable to platonic relationships or as alternatives for new romances. Send a bouquet of pink roses to your best friend with their birthday card, or to mum on Mother's Day. They also make a great alternative to red roses on Valentine’s Day.

Celebrate and Remember With White


There is an elegance to the white rose which is unparalleled by other colours. White roses are for formal occasions where remembrance and new beginnings are essential themes of the day. Pair them with funeral or wedding cards as gestures of these sentiments, in order to honour the past and embrace the future.

Congratulate With Yellow

Yellow Roses


Not surprisingly yellow is connected with the sun, growth, and joy. Consequently yellow roses are the go for those witty graduation or thank you cards. They’re also a nice touch when someone is celebrating the arrival of a new baby to light up the room with a joyous message.


Match Rose With Sentiment


Roses are a flower rich in colour variety, and thus also in meaning. At the end of the day you can rely on what each colour signifies to guide you in your purchase, and ensure you achieve a smile on the face of your recipient.

If you need help choosing roses, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team at Fresh Flowers. We’d be delighted to help you make the perfect match.

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