> Pairing Flowers With Valentine’s Day Gifts

Pairing Flowers With Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is ‘the’ time of year to gift flowers to your beloved, but it’s natural to want to have something a little extra for them to open and enjoy. So we’ve put together a list of ideas for gifts that pair well with fresh flowers.

1. A Bottle of Wine or Bubbly

If you’re aware of your special someone’s taste in wine, beer or spirits, you may consider purchasing a bottle of their favourite bubbly. Planning a romantic date? Have your flowers delivered at any time on Valentine’s Day to surprise the recipient and then wow them again with the bottle at just the right time on the most loving day of the year.

2. Baked Treats

There’s no goods baked with more love than those prepared as a Valentine’s Day gift. Whip up some cookies, cupcakes, brownies or anything else you can think of to gift a special treat with your Valentine’s Day flowers.

Baked goods are perfect if you want to get the most for your buck with your Valentine’s Day flowers, but would still like to give something extra for your recipient to open. You can parcel your treats in a box or tin, and tie it off with some gorgeous red ribbons.

3. Cards or Notes With a Twist

Cards or notes are classic displays of affection. You can take time before Valentine’s Day to gather your thoughts, and think about how you want to express your feelings. Cards are a no brainer in terms of execution, but delivery is where you can be extra creative.

Will you write one card or many? This will depend on exactly how you plan to hand over the loving sentiments you’ve been carefully recording. You could create a series of “open when” notes, and label them for specific occasions or for when your recipient is feeling certain emotions.

There’s no shortage of ideas out there, and if you’re stuck, you can always hand it over with your delivery of fresh flowers.

4. Romantic Date


There is no reason why your romantic date over a meal can’t serve as a Valentine’s Day gift along with a delivery of flowers. A bouquet of red roses and a romantic dinner will make for an unforgettable evening. You could book your partner’s favourite restaurant or try that new one they’ve had their eye on.

For a more intimate setting, you could venture out to a park, garden, the beach, or any other natural setting that excites the senses. Enjoy a romantic picnic with a fresh flower arrangement as your Valentine’s Day centrepiece, which your date can then take home to adorn their desk or table, a fond memory of a romantic affair!

5. Time Capsule

For the gift givers who enjoy putting together a sentimental package, you could create a time capsule. Fill it with items that symbolise different moments from your relationship, and a card that they can read in years to come.

Surprise them with flowers as part of their day before the big gift reveal, or you could have the flowers delivered to yourself and then gift them in person with the time capsule. If you wanted to spice up the romantic nature of this gift, send them a bunch of red roses every morning in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day.

Buddy Your Buds With A Special Gift

Flowers are an incredibly versatile gift, and these are only a snippet of ideas in the range of possibilities that are open to you. You are only limited by your budget and creativity!

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