Sympathy Flowers Etiquette & FAQ

When you lose someone special, there is nothing in this world that can make that pain go away. However, knowing that people love you and care for you can help ease that pain, even just a little.If you know someone who is grieving, flowers can provide a beautiful way to show you care and that you are thinking about them and their loss. Sympathy flowers can also show how much the deceased person meant to you, reflecting their personality and everything they gave to the world.
However, it can be difficult understanding the etiquette in situations such as these. Here are answers to some of the most common sympathy flower questions.
Should I send the bouquet to the family’s home or the funeral home?
This will depend on the family and your relationship with them. If you want to provide a more intimate gesture, sending a thoughtful bouquet to the family home may be best. Or, if you think it would be more appropriate to send the arrangement to the funeral home, do that instead. Smaller sympathy flower arrangements are usually better for family homes, while larger arrangements of Funeral flowers can often be a better option to send to the funeral home.
How big should the bouquet be?
Again, this will depend on your relationship with the family and with the person who passed away. If you think a small, thoughtful arrangement would be more appropriate, opt for that. If you think a large, grand arrangement would suit the occasion better, choose that instead.
How do I choose the right flowers?
Think about the type of person the deceased was. Were they cheerful, bubbly and bright? Or were they more reserved and thoughtful. It may be appropriate to send flowers that reflect their personality, showing you put thought into the choice and that part of their personality lives on. Take your cue from the family and the circumstances of the death – and remember to take the family’s religion into account.
Can I choose a bright bouquet?
Some people don’t think of funerals as a time of mourning, but a time to celebrate the life of the person who passed away. In this case, a bright, colourful arrangement may be just the right choice. Again, take your cue from the family to ensure you choose flowers that convey the right tone.
What if I’m too far away to attend the funeral?
Just because the funeral is far away does not mean you miss the deceased person any less, or you care any less about the family’s feelings. Flowers can provide a lovely way to show you are thinking about the family and the person who passed on. Whether you are looking for flowers in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth or Brisbane, you can find the arrangement you want online, and have it sent to the family or the funeral home.
Is it too late to send flowers?
It’s never too late to send flowers. Even if the funeral service has already passed, you can still send flowers to the family to let them know you care. They will likely appreciate the gesture, knowing that people are still thinking of them and their loved one.