> The Art Of Writing The Perfect Card To Go With Flowers

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The Art Of Writing The Perfect Card To Go With Flowers

Ordering flowers online for that somebody special in your life speaks volumes about how you feel toward him or her. But you should never waste any opportunity, no matter how smaller, to drive that point home. The right message on a card with flowers can act as the cherry on top of a beautifully delicious sundae.

Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to craft that perfect message to go with your flower delivery.

Sometimes less is more
While you should certainly take advantage of the chance to include a little note with the flowers you order, it’s important to remember that often a bunch of amazing flowers can say more than you could ever hope to! So think about letting the vibrant petals do most of the talking.
This also applies to situations in which you’re ordering sympathy flowers online, when simpler messages will do more than enough to communicate how you feel. And, even if you wanted to drone on and on in your message, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to. Tags that accompany flowers often have a character limit due to the size the card itself.

Make it personal
The best messages that accompany flowers are the ones that can only be meant for one person, so try to add a personal touch whenever possible. This can be as simple as including somebody’s name in the card or an inside joke that only you and the recipient would understand.

Have some fun with it
Not every card that comes with flowers has to be super earnest and heartfelt. Depending on the occasion for which you’ve ordered the flowers, the best course of action for the card might be to just drop a funny quote in the card or keep it cryptic to keep them guessing. Or use it as a chance to make it the first step on a longer day out or scavenger hunt type activity. If the occasion calls for it, go wild!

When it comes to ordering flowers for somebody, actions speak louder than words. But you don’t want a blank card accompanying your arrangement. Use to whom you’re sending the flowers and the reason behind them as guiding lights as you try to figure out what to include in your message. So, get to thinking about what you want to say next time your order another wonderful bunch of blooms online from Fresh Flowers to put that finishing

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