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The Benefits Of Signing Up To A Floral Subscription Service

Fresh Flowers makes it easy to order flowers online every day. All it takes is some quick browsing and a few clicks for you to have an arrangement sent to your chosen address in major Australian cities such as Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide and Melbourne. But did you know that we’ve made it even easier for you to have flowers delivered to your office at regularly scheduled times? Our awesome flower concierge service makes getting beautiful blooms to you and your colleagues a breeze.

Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider using a flower concierge for your corporate flower needs.

It’s easy
You already know how simple it is to order our beautiful, blooming flowers online. Our flower concierge service goes one better than that, allowing you to set up regular deliveries so you receive stunning arrangements at whatever intervals you like. Just contact one of our great representatives and we’ll have you set up with a plan in no time.

It’s tailored to your space
We are ready and waiting to work with you to figure out what will suit your working space the best. We’re happy to come out to your office and review the sizes of different spaces and the lighting available in various areas to come up with a delivery plan. Alternatively, if it’s easier for you, we’re also happy to discuss your needs and provide a quote over the phone.
It’s a sign of appreciation that can improve output
Ordering flowers for your employees shows that you care about them. This thoughtfulness can help encourage them to keep working hard, therefore improving efficiency. Buying flowers for somebody on his or her birthday or simply having an arrangement delivered on a regular basis to the lunch room or a different shared area will show employees you’re putting in extra effort when it comes to trying to spruce up the working environment.

It’s healthy
As we’ve discussed before, there are many mental benefits to having fresh flowers around. These benefits extend to the office, where floral displays can improve moods and keep workers less likely to chuck a sickie or look for other ways to get out of coming in for the day.
Populating your office with our floral concierge arrangements is easy and can go a long way toward keeping workers happier. Get in touch with us today to determine which types of flowers and delivery schedule

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