> Things to Do at the Floriade Canberra Flower Show

Floriade Canberra Flower Show

Things to Do at the Floriade Canberra Flower Show

It’s that time of year again! The fragrant Spring scent of tulips and pansies is in the air, and that means it’s time for Floriade Canberra 2017.


If you haven’t considered venturing to Commonwealth Park in Australia’s capital city for ‘the’ floral event of the season, then read on to get excited about what’s on this year at Floriade! Did we mention entry to Floriade Canberra is free?

What is Floriade?

At it’s heart, Floriade Canberra is a celebration of flowers and national pride.. Held in Commonwealth Park, on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin, it was conceptualised to mark Australia’s bicentenary in 1988, and the city of Canberra’s 75th birthday.


This inaugural event was organised by the horticulturalist, Peter Sutton, who sought to recreate the awe of the flower gardens and shows he had seen on his world travels. Aided by the landscape designer, Chris De Bruine, the pair co-founded what would become Australia’s national celebration of all that is beautiful about flowers and colour.

Sights To See and Flowers To Smell

Sights To See and Flowers To Smell


Fun Fact: Over a million flowers are on display at Floriade Canberra each year.


As Floriade is turning 30 this year, the flower beds are overflowing with blooms befitting a milestone event. A myriad of themed displays are on show for you to enjoy, and take it from us, these buds are fragrant and arranged to perfection.


There’s a theme for everyone, from food-centric displays to cultural commemorations, and even one about Tetris (remember that game!). Read on to see our top picks for blooms you absolutely must not miss!

  1. The Heavens in Bloom: Space out your visit and enjoy a display that’s out of this world featuring tulips, pansies and the narcissus flower.

  2. Chequered Flag: Are you ready to race over to this flower bed? Enjoy the purple pansies and tulips that recreate the races of a bygone era.

  3. Flower Power: You’ve never seen tulips and hyacinths with this much power! This vibrant display is arranged as a popping bunch of buds evoking Alice in Wonderland.

  4. Lotus: There’s not a single lotus flower in this bed. What you’re actually seeing is cleverly arranged tulips and pansies, forming the shape of a giant lotus.

  5. Bach-Man: Tetris isn’t the only game to bloom at Floriade Canberra! These tulips and pansies have been styled into a piano, musical notes, and the iconic Pacman who’s keen to gobble up this bed!


Of course there’s so many more flower beds to see and enjoy this year, but these colourful shout outs will give you some direction on what not to miss at Floriade 2017!

Activities To Do

Activities To Do


The presence of flowers is often taken for granted at this mega event, but sight and smell aren’t the only ways to experience them. Floriade Canberra offers a range of activities to immerse yourself in florally goodness. We’ve got our top choices for a smashing day below:


  1. Dog’s Day Out: On Saturday the 14th of October, the dogs are taking Commonwealth Park! Yes, this is the chance for you to bring your pooch, on a lead of course, to enjoy Floriade alongside their best friend.

  2. Morning Walks: Put a little step into your spring cheer with a mindful walk around the festival displays in the morning light. It’ll be an enchanting experience.

  3. Sculpture Displays: You might notice there’s a little more than flowers to see in the park. Watch out for the sculptural displays and snap a quick selfie.

  4. Gnome Knoll: Tap into your creativity at the Gnome Knoll, and paint a hearty creature to join the residents at the knoll for the duration of the festival. Afterwards you can take him home as a reminder of your time at Floriade Canberra!

  5. Photography Workshops: This is where two art forms meet to create stunning visuals. Grab your camera, and join a workshop to experience floral photography in an entirely new way.

Use these experiences to celebrate Spring like never before!

Have a Blooming Day At Floriade!

We’re halfway through the Floriade Canberra calendar, and this means you still have two weeks to get down to Canberra and soak up the fragrant flowers of the year. Whether you’re flowering solo, as a couple, with the kids or your cute puppy on Dogs Day Out, we hope that you take the time to enjoy flowers as much as we do.


If you have any questions about flowers, and upcoming flower shows you might like to visit, don’t hesitate to contact our team at Fresh Flowers! We’d love to help you enjoy them.


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