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What do Different Rose Colours Mean?

Just about everyone loves to receive a big bunch of flowers from their partner or friend, but Valentine’s Day flowers are extra special. When someone gives you a bouquet of roses on Valentines Day, it means that they went out of their way to not only remember the day, but to put the pedal to the metal and to actually buy you a fabulous bouquet of roses.

Red roses have always symbolised love and romance and have become traditional Valentines Day flowers. Of course, roses don’t have to be red, it’s just that red roses symbolise love – but what do the colour of other roses symbolise? If you receive a pink bouquet of roses or a yellow bouquet on Valentines Day, what does it mean? Many people don’t realise that the colour of the rose has any meaning other than love and romance, but that is not always true!

Rose Symbolism - More than Just Romance

Each colour rose has a different meaning, and not all indicate love and romance. Let’s see what each rose really means:

Pink roses

These can mean love, appreciation and thanks. They are a multi-purpose rose, so you can give them to a friend as a thank you gift, to your mother because you appreciate her love and support or to your partner because you love them.

Yellow roses

A yellow rose denotes friendship, goodwill and joy. They are an excellent choice to send to work colleagues as a thank you or thinking-of-you gesture or to a friend to let them know how much their friendship means to you. Yellow roses are more light hearted than red or pink roses, good for when you want to send roses, but red or pink are not appropriate.

White roses

Roses in white tend to be associated with weddings and new beginnings, but also of remembrance in times of loss. They are appropriate for more formal occasions and embody a deep sense of love, caring and support.

Orange roses

Orange roses are all about passion, energy and enthusiasm and are a wild and intense celebration of joy, love and friendship. They are appropriate to give as a celebratory gift or a passionate gift to a lover.

Valentines Day flowers are a fabulous and romantic gift to receive, but knowing the special significance behind each colour rose is even better!

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