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Valentine's Gift Ideas for men

5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Men

Valentine’s Day is the occasion to show your man how important his love is to you, and choosing the perfect gift for such a momentous gesture can be a difficult task.

Men are notoriously challenging to buy for because of all the misunderstanding about what’s acceptable to gift to particular genders. The truth is, there’s no rules that decide what you can or cannot gift to the special man or men in your life.

To help you choose a gift for your man, whether he’s part a blooming romance, a partner in a life-long relationship or a dear friend, we’ve got some gift ideas for you to impress him this Valentine’s Day.

1. Scratch Map and Photo Board

Scratch Map and Photo Board

If your special man is enthusiastic about all things travel, or perhaps you’ve recently taken an overseas journey together, then a scratch map is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day.  

There are a lot of romantic things you can do with a scratch map. Shade in the countries and continents you’ve visited as a couple, and print out your favourite photographs from each of the hot spots from your trip. You can then pin the photos to the scratch map, create a photo board or arrange them in album for him to pour through and relive the loving memories that you’ve shared.

Scratch Map Tip: Pin a single red rose to the first destination you visited together, or the location of your honeymoon to mark the romantic occasion.

2. A Bottle of His Favourite Bubbly

Beer Hamper

For the special man’s social side consider gifting a carton or bottle of his favourite beer or bubbly.

There are a few ways you can do this and we have some ideas to tailor the gift giving experience to the type of relationship you have with the special man in your life:

  • Friend: Catching up with a friend on Valentine’s Day? No matter what your plans are, bring the bottle along, fastened with a ribbon in their favourite colour. If you’re concerned about the venue or you’ve purchased a heavy carton, you can always have the gift delivered.
  • Partner: Prepare Valentine’s Day dinner together as a couple and enjoy a glass (or two!) during your meal.
  • Colleague: You can purchase a gift hamper online that includes his favourite beer or bubbly and have it delivered to his home or direct to the workplace for a special Valentine’s Day surprise!
  • Secret Valentine: Have the bottle delivered to their door or office desk with a hand-written card expressing your feelings.

Bottle Gift Tip: If you want to gift a little more, pair with a bouquet of roses that matches the type of relationship you share with your special man.

3. Men's Grooming Products

Men's Grooming Products

Up your man’s personal care game this Valentine’s Day. The easiest way to do this is to put together a men’s grooming kit to keep him fresh and at his best. Men love to look and smell good, so you may already know some of his personal favourite fragrances and hair and shaving products.

If you’re unsure about how his grooming tastes and would prefer to keep your gift a surprise, we’ve got some tips to help you put your kit together:

  • Multi-purpose Kit: These kinds of grooming kits include a variety of hair gels, body sprays and bathroom essentials.

  • Travel Kits: Is your special man planning a getaway or vacation? Miniature deodorants, body sprays, shampoos and shower gels will be a lifesaver for his trip.

  • Hair Grooming Kit: If the man in your life loves to keep his hair on point, or needs some guidance to go from wind swept to best kept, then hair gels, waxes, shampoos and perhaps a new comb will make a perfect Valentine’s Day Gift.

  • Luxury Men’s Grooming Kit: For the man who loves particular brands or the gift giver who wants to give a little extra, you’ll want to be including particular names like BOSS, David Beckham, Nivea and other big names in the grooming space.

The key is to focus on what he needs, uses and enjoys to create a Valentine’s Day grooming kit he’ll love.

4. Offbeat Activity

Couple holding hands


Take your man out of town and enjoy a thrilling activity or romantic meal date. What you choose to do entirely depends upon your interests as a couple and the tone you want to set for Valentine’s Day.

When the clock strikes 5:00pm you could surprise him at the door of his Sydney office with the treats encased in the Bockers & Pony signature suitcase, ready to drive to a bed and breakfast in Kiama. You could also surprise him with movie tickets, a romantic meal at his favourite restaurant or something that gets the heart racing like a hot air balloon ride in Hunter Valley or Yarra Valley!

5. Send Him Flowers

Flowers are a timeless way to show your love, affection and appreciation on Valentine’s Day. Why send flowers to a man? Well, why not? Although we have been taught that flowers are for girls and women, times have changed.

Sending flowers to a man doesn’t mean anything different than when men have flowers delivered to a woman. Flowers aren’t gender-specific by nature, but we understand you may still be a concerned about which Valentine’s Day flowers to gift to your special man. We’ve got some ideas for you below:

  • A Single Red Rose: Roses are the go to flower to tell any romantic interest that you love him. To shower love upon him, a bouquet or box of a dozen red roses will also send a loving message.
  • Rainbow Roses: As a symbol of rebirth, freedom and triumph, you should send a bouquet of rainbow roses to a friend or partner who has experienced a significant change in their life. This could include starting a new job, enrolling in a degree or moving.

Your man wants to know how much you care, so don’t be afraid to send flowers across Australia to show him he’s special to you.

Make His Valentine’s Day Wishes Come True

Take the lead this Valentine’s Day and arrange a gift that will lift his spirits. Purchase your gift ahead of time, and keep your interests as a couple in mind when choosing the perfect gift to give.

If you’d like more information about gifting flowers for men on Valentine's Day, or to order him some flowers, contact the friendly team at Fresh Flowers today!

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