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Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Flowers to Gift for Wedding Anniversary by Year

When you need to make an anniversary truly special, you sometimes only have to look as far as your nearest florist! That’s the beauty of flowers as a time-tested gift idea. But did you know that each anniversary is marked by a certain flower type? Picking the right one is vital to making it memorable.

Here’s a guide to help you find the perfect floral gift for every milestone anniversary:

Celebrate the 1st Anniversary with Carnations

Carnations are the most popular 1-year anniversary flowers for a good reason. These delicately beautiful flowers symbolise passionate love and commitment. A bouquet of red or pink carnations is apt for an anniversary.

Make the 2nd Anniversary Special with Lily of the Valley

The lily of the valley stands for devotion and signifies purity in a relationship. These dainty blooms with a heavenly fragrance set the tone for that special evening with your loved one.

Pick Sunflowers for an Unforgettable 3rd Anniversary

Sunflowers are symbolic of the warmth, loyalty, and love that a couple shares. A bunch of large sunflowers lend a burst of colour the anniversary celebrations.

Mark the 4th Anniversary with Hydrangea

Hydrangeas spell appreciation for one another - a quality that helps couples sail through good times and bad! A bouquet bursting with these beautiful blooms is regarded as an apt gift to celebrate a 4th anniversary.

Choose Daisies for the 5th Anniversary

These happy little flowers stand for innocence. Gifting an elegantly wrapped bunch of red, pink, or yellow daisies and gerberas for the 5th anniversary is symbolic of a special bond and romance.

Gift Calla Lilies for the 6th Anniversaries

Wisdom and love is what calla lilies stand for, making them the most suitable gift for couples who are celebrating six joyous years of togetherness. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colours when gifting a calla lily bouquet - go for the more commonly available white blooms or choose the more striking pink and purple ones.

Send Freesias for the 7th Anniversary

The Freesia flower, a bloom best known for its heavenly citrus scent, signifies faithfulness, innocence, and friendship. These flowers come in a variety of colours but red, pink, and yellow are the best picks for an anniversary bouquet.


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An 8th Anniversary Deserves Lilacs

Purple and white lilacs are apt for an 8th anniversary bouquet. Purple lilac buds stand for the indelible emotions associated with first love while white lilac flowers are a symbol of youth and innocence.

Bank on Bird of Paradise for the 9th Anniversary

One look at the majestic flowers and it’s clear why Bird of Paradise is the traditional 9th anniversary flower. These strikingly colourful blooms signify the magnificence of love, freedom, and happiness.

Say it with Daffodils on the 10th Anniversary

A 10th anniversary celebration would be incomplete without yellow daffodils. These happy buds are a reminder of the simple everyday joys that a couple shares. Mark a decade of togetherness with a bunch of yellow daffodils or combine them with other flowers such as tulips.

Take Along Tulips for the 11th Anniversary

A bouquet of tulips given on the 11th anniversary is a symbol of true love - a gift that your partner will surely appreciate. Red tulips, in addition to symbolising deep passion, also say, “I am devoted to you.”

Celebrate the 12th Anniversary with Pretty Peonies

Giving peonies on the 12th anniversary is symbolic of prosperity and good fortune. They are also considered an omen of wedded bliss, so if you know of a happy couple celebrating their 12th anniversary gift them a peony bouquet.

Make the 13th Anniversary Exciting with Chrysanthemums

Gifting a bunch of chrysanthemums (or “mums”) on the 13th anniversary is a time-honoured way to celebrate the abundant love a couple shares. While white chrysanthemums stand for devoted love, the red blooms mean passionate love.                                           

Order Orchids for the 14th Anniversary

Orchids stand for unwavering love, strength and luxury, acting as a very symbolic 14th anniversary gift. Pink orchids are favourite picks for an anniversary because they symbolise pure affection. You could even consider gifting potted orchids instead of just a bouquet.

Pick Ravishing Roses for the 15th Anniversary

The rose is an everlasting symbol of love and romance and the most appropriate flower to gift on a 15th anniversary. A bouquet of 21 roses tells the recipient that you’re dedicated to them while a stunning bouquet of 50 long-stemmed roses says that you love them beyond measure.

Asters are Apt for the 20th Anniversary

Given as a 20th anniversary gift, the aster stands for wealth and wisdom. The flower is popularly known as the talisman of love, which is yet another reason to go for a stunning bouquet of asters to celebrate two decades of togetherness.

Mark the 25th Anniversary with Irises

The iris flower is the symbol of evergreen love. It’s portentous of a successful and long-lasting marriage. Yellow irises are suitable as anniversary flowers as they stand for love and passion.

Celebrate the 30th Anniversary with Lilies

When you want the theme of the 30th anniversary to be centered on devotion and pride, gift your partner or the special couple a glorious lily bouquet. Put your passion for your partner on display with red lilies.

Make the 50th Anniversary Grand with Yellow Rose and Violets

Yellow roses and violets are the best flowers for a golden anniversary. These flowers gifted together represent love, faith and humility, which are the pillars of a long and happy marriage.

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