> What are the Best Flowers for Mother's Day?


What are the Best Flowers for Mother's Day?

When it comes to your mother, where do you even start? The woman who brought you into this world and helped raise you, spending thousands of hours driving you around, cooking and cleaning for you, celebrating your successes and consoling you in times of sadness certainly deserves some sort of recognition for her amazing efforts. One tried and true way to say thanks is with a bouquet of Mother's Day flowers. Now all you need to do is pick them out. So, just what are the best flowers to give for Mother's Day? We’re glad you asked.

A Classic Bouquet of Roses

No matter who the woman is and what date you’re commemorating, it’s hard to go past a classic bouquet of beautiful roses. While different colours of roses have different meanings, you don’t have to worry too much about symbolism when it comes to good ‘ol mum. The only thing you’ll be trying to express is your love for the woman that raised you. Roses can certainly help you do that.

An Arrangement of Tulips and Gerberas

Some flowers seem like they were made for splendid mixings and matchings of colour. Tulips and gerberas fit that bill. A delightful collection of blooming tulips or gerberas will put a smile on your mother’s face, which might just be the only thing capable of matching the beautiful glow of such a floral arrangement.

Potted Orchids that Keep Blooming

Want to get a bit more bang for your buck? Buy your mum an orchid, which can easily keep blooming for months, these longer-lasting plants can help you show your mother just how much you care.

A Premium Arrangement with Lilies

Lilies are a welcome addition to any collection of Mothers Day flowers. Lilies are often included amongst other species in specially-created bouquets or luxury arrangements in a glass vase. On Mother's Day, make the effort to order a luxurious bunch of pink or multi-coloured Oriental lilies because grocery store flowers don't always cut it!
Unlike other items, flowers are a relatively inexpensive but thoughtful gift that will last longer than a nice meal and won’t be shoved away into a drawer or closet never to be used or worn. Whether you live within a short drive of your mum or need to have flowers sent to SydneyBrisbaneMelbournePerthAdelaide or anywhere else in Australia, check out the amazing range at FreshFlowers.com.au to find something your mum will love.

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