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Beautifully delicate and exquisitely elegant, orchids provide the perfect gift for that special someone. At Fresh Flowers, we have an exceptional range of spectacular orchids, with a wide variety of species and colours available – including cut flower arrangements and planted orchid options. Whether you’re looking for understated white orchids to acknowledge the loss of a loved one, or you want an arrangement of extravagantly colourful orchids to celebrate a special occasion, you are sure to find the bouquet to suit you.
Want to find out more about orchids before you choose the bloom for you? The orchid family is diverse and widespread, with varieties that grow all over the world. Orchids make up one of the world’s largest families of flowering plants, with more than 20,000 varieties, including cymbidium orchids and phalaenopsis orchids. While white orchids are extremely popular, orchids can also be extremely colourful, displaying dramatic markings and dazzling shapes. Some common characteristics among orchids include a bilateral symmetry of the flower, upward-facing blooms, fused stamens and carpels, and particularly small seeds.
With some care and consideration, orchids can offer wonderful, long-lasting cut flower arrangements. When you first receive your orchids, place them in a cool place to rest. As there are so many varieties of orchid, it can be a good idea to research care tips for your particular variety before you start your arrangement. As a general rule, you will need to trim the stems and then place them in a clean vase with water. Be sure to change the water every few days and keep the arrangement away from sources of heat and cool draughts.
Whether you’re looking for simple white orchids, or you want an arrangement displaying a riot of colour, filled with blue orchids, purple orchids, yellow orchids or pink orchids, take a look at our delightful orchid selection to find the one for you. Looking for flowers for Mothers Day? You can find orchids and many other beautiful blooms on our Mother’s Day page.
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