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Find Vibrant Lilies and Bouquets


Spectacularly colourful or beautifully understated, lilies offer the perfect gift, no matter the occasion. At Fresh Flowers, we offer an extensive selection of lilies in array of colours and styles, so you can easily find the arrangement for you. Whether you’re looking for a sunny bouquet of dazzling yellow lilies to brighten up a loved one’s birthday, or an elegant arrangement of pink lilies to express your love for that special someone, we are sure to have the bouquet to suit you.
What makes a lily a lily? Lilies come in various shapes and sizes, with an abundance of colours and varieties available. There are varieties of oriental lilies, calla lilies and Asiatic lilies. You can find varieties of peace lilies, arum lilies, princess lilies and tiger lilies. While each lily exhibits something particular to its variety, each member of the lily family displays certain ‘lily-like’ characteristics. A lily will usually sit on a tall, erect stem, with a bloom that reveals six petals, which are often trumpet-shaped. These petals can be plain, or they can flaunt dramatic markings.
Because of their striking looks and beautiful colouring, lilies make the perfect bloom for cut flower arrangements, bringing colour to the room and suffusing it with a delicate fragrance. Cut lilies also hold up well over time, and can often last for two or more weeks if treated correctly. Simply trim the stems and remove the lower stem foliage before placing them in a vase with water and cut-flower food. Change the water every few days – and enjoy your beautiful bouquet of lilies!
Find the perfect arrangement of lilies at Fresh Flowers for birthdays, gifts and special occasions such as Mother’s Day. Check out our selection of elegant white lilies and our colourful collections of pink lilies, purple lilies, orange lilies and yellow lilies. Or for more ideas, take a look at our range of lilies and other blooms in our superb selection of Mothers Day flowers!
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