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As one of the world’s best loved flowers, roses make the perfect bouquet for almost any occasion. Grown in abundance around the world, roses come in a vast array of sizes and colours, often displaying a beautiful fragrance as well as a beautiful bloom. Think red roses, think romance. Red roses can offer the perfect gift for that special someone, whether for Valentine’s Day flowers, an anniversary, or just to say ‘I love you’.
But it’s not all red roses and romance – a gift of roses can say almost anything. Whether you want to say Happy Birthday with pink roses, Congratulations with yellow roses, or sorry with white roses, there is sure to be an arrangement of roses that perfectly expresses your sentiments. At Fresh Flowers, we offer an extensive selection of roses, so whether you’re looking for a single red rose or a bright bouquet of colourful blooms, take a look at or collection to find the perfect arrangement for you. Looking for Mothers Day flowers? Check out our Mother’s Day page for inspiration!
Think you know all you need to know about roses? It’s estimated there are between 100 and 150 varieties of roses, although the exact number is unknown, as many of the varieties are so similar. It is thought the cultivated rose originated from Northern Persia, however, roses are now grown around the world, with many hybrids having been created over the years. The first hybrid was created in 1867 by Jean-Baptiste Guillot. All roses grown before that date are now known as Old Garden Roses, while roses identified after that date are known as New Garden Roses.
Roses not only look beautiful, they are also long-lasting, making them a wonderful choice for cut-flower arrangements. Simply trim the stems and any foliage below the water line, and place in a vase of warm water with cut-flower food. Display your arrangement in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, and change the water every few days. Now, enjoy!
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