Why Flowers Make a Good Apology

A beautiful bunch of fresh flowers is one of the best ways to say ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘Please forgive me’. Every relationship has it’s rough patches - mistakes happen and feelings are hurt. But if sorry seems like the hardest word for you, send flowers instead as they act as the universal language of love. 

Whether it’s for your wife, girlfriend, best friend or someone in the family, a delivery of apology flowers with a well-worded message can mend things. 

Flowers That Mean I’m Sorry

If you have just had an argument or misunderstanding that needs to be smoothed over, then roses, lilies and tulips are the most common sorry flowers to send. 

Red and pink are the best colours if you’re sending apology roses your wife or girlfriend. But if you’re looking to send flowers to say sorry to a friend or someone in the family, elegant oriental lilies in pink or white will surely melt their heart! 

Carnations, chrysanthemums and orchids are other popular flowers that mean I’m sorry. These blooms are great to mend any relationship as they send the message of sincerity.

Which are the Best ‘I’m Sorry’ Flowers for Her? 

If she’s hurt or upset, surprising her with a bouquet of flowers is a gesture that shows you really care about your relationship. You can send sorry flowers to her work or home - your decision should depend on her personality. For instance, if she likes to keep her personal matters private, a bouquet of apology flowers showing up at her workplace would only make her uncomfortable! 

Roses, lilies and tulips are the best flowers to say sorry to your girlfriend or wife. Each of these blooms holds a special meaning:

Roses represent unconditional love, romance, care and affection

Roses are a classic way to extend a romantic apology to your sweetheart. Red roses should be the first choice for your lady love. But if you’re not ready to declare your love for her, soft pink or yellow roses will tell her that you genuinely care and want to reconcile. No matter the colour of your roses, a simple card with a sincere sorry message will surely make her feel the love.

Lilies reflect sincerity, humility and devotion

There are few flowers as beautiful as a lily. These blooms are the ideal apology flowers for your girlfriend or wife. When sending lilies to say sorry to her, opt for soothing and elegant colours like pink, white and yellow. Lilies in a bouquet are a popular choice. If you are really wanting to make an impression, browse through our lovely range of floral arrangements.

Tulips show new beginnings, peace and forgiveness

Tulips symbolise fresh beginnings and they herald the vibrant season of spring. If these are the feelings you want to evoke after a not-so-pleasant situation in your relationship, tulips are the best sorry flowers for you! What’s more, tulips also stand for peace and forgiveness. 

The best thing about tulips is that they’re not just great sorry flowers for your wife or girlfriend, but also for mum or sister!

Choosing ‘I’m sorry’ Flowers for Him

If you’ve hurt your man, take a modern approach and send him more than a text message to apologise - try sending him flowers! Women aren’t the only ones who appreciate a sincere apology message. Orchids are a good choice when you’re looking to surprise your boyfriend or husband with a delivery of I’m sorry flowers - they represent strength and virility. 

If you’re not sure about the best I’m sorry flowers for him, keep it simple and opt for a small bunch of light-coloured flowers. If flowers really aren’t his thing, you can send him a bottle of wine with a fruit hamper (which perhaps you can both bond over together!).

Why Choose Us to Deliver Flowers to Say Sorry

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