Green it Up with Plants as Gifts

Plants make for a sustainable, eco-friendly gift perfect for all occasions. They’re the best way to make those green thumbs in your life feel special and cared for.

From those extra special occasions such as anniversaries and milestone celebrations to accompanying your thank you notes,  plants are becoming popular gifts for their versatility. White orchid plants also make for an appropriate sympathy gift.

Choose a Gift that Keeps Blooming

Plants are gifts that continue to bring much joy and evoke memories of that special occasion or person for many months after. At Fresh Flowers, our plant gifts come in elegant pots or containers, complete with aesthetic ornamentation.

Suitable for both home and office environments, the recipient can choose to accentuate their home decor or add a striking element to their office desk.

A Wide Range of Indoor Plants

We understand that when it comes to presenting a memorable gift, having variety to pick from is important. Which is why you’ll be delighted to know that you can choose from orchids in different styles of glass vases or ceramic pots. Pick from our variety of white or purple phalaenopsis orchids or go for the exceptionally elegant cymbidium orchid plants.

If you’re after something more quirky, check out our designer succulent garden that contains different succulent plants in a single ceramic pot.

Easily Order Plants Online

We take pride in the premium quality of the plants we sell online. It’s important for us to be sure that our customers receive nothing short of the best plants when they’re looking for a gifting idea.

Once you’ve easily and conveniently placed your order in a few clicks, we take care of the rest to make sure your plant gift is delivered looking as stunning as nature intended it to be. To learn more about delivery options and locations, please get in touch with our expert customer care team.