Focused on our footprint

At Fresh Flowers, we strongly believe in sustainable floristry and want to positively contribute to helping the flower industry become more environmentally friendly. We hope that by sharing our journey with you, that we can help people to make more conscious decisions when gifting flowers. We call it Feel Good Gifting! You feel good, the planet feels good, and your loved one feels good receiving fresh flowers.

Friendship flowers delivered

Thoughtful Waste

We take our responsibility to reduce the waste we create very seriously. In a few of our locations, we have implemented separating our general waste, green waste, recycling and cardboard as a step forward to thoughtful waste. A future goal we are excited to accomplish is by having this activated nationally in all our warehouses and we’d like to go further by separating our plastics and paper as well. For flowers that we consider not high enough quality to make it to your bouquets, these are enjoyed by our staff. Another step is to have these composted or give them to local community gardens to give back to our local areas.

Friendship flowers delivered

Buy only what we need

By buying only what we need and of the highest quality, we are able to reduce our waste amount from the beginning. Supporting our local Australian growers as much as possible helps with our emissions reductions whilst also supporting Australian flower farmers.

Friendship flowers delivered

Eco-friendly packaging and materials

We are breaking away from single-use materials by aiming to have every piece of your product recyclable, biodegradable or reusable. All our flowers are wrapped in hessian or placed in a reusable glass or ceramic vase, and tied off with natural twine. The water bags provided with our flowers to keep them fresh for delivery are able to be recycled with all your soft plastic materials. Our lovely gift add-ons are wrapped in natural kraft paper with twine for delivery.

Friendship flowers delivered

The Future

We are always looking at ways to improve our environmental impact where possible. Some areas we are looking forward to improving in the short term is providing biodegradable stickers and water bags for an even more sustainable impact. Creating a zero-waste flower journey is our goal, that’s why we are always finding ways to improve our products and sourcing from farms that also believe in sustainability in their operations. Creating a sustainable future is an ambitious goal we are striving to achieve by reducing our environmental impact.