How To Discard Your Materials

Fresh Flowers aims to create a sustainable environment, continuing to work towards zero-waste with our products. 

Here's how to best dispose of what goes into our gorgeous arrangements:

Wrap Tissue

You can reuse or dispose of tissue paper by:

- Composting either at home or at your local community area.

- Repurposing for future use and save these for your next gift wrapping needs.

- If you don't need wrap tissue, you can dispose of these in your recycling bin.

Natural Hessian

Our hessian is compostable and extremely reusable. These natural textures of fibre make them a very handy addition to your garden.

If you don’t have a garden, hessian can be used for many purposes such as future gift wrapping, you can even create a rustic DIY project like a cute hessian bunting decoration.

Satin Ribbon

You can reuse your satin ribbon to complete any gift wrapping or perfect as a hair accessory! Ribbons are also great to save for those who love arts and crafts.

Cardboard Box

You can reuse your cardboard box, perfect for storing small items.

Or you can recycle your cardboard box completely.

Wrap Cello

Our wrapped cello can be kept for future gift wrapping. You can even pair this with the satin ribbon! Or if you do not need these, they can be put in general waste.

Water Sachet

The purpose of water sachets is to protect against flower dehydration, water-stress and of course, prolong the life of our customers. We are continuing to find a better solution to the usage of water sachets. However, you can appropriately discard these to general waste.