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Engagement party decorations

3 Engagement Party Decorations You Can't Ignore

Announcing and celebrating an engagement makes for an exciting day. Sharing this happiness for yourself or friends and family with others creates a fantastic environment full of smiles, cheer and maybe even a few happy tears.

Have you been put in charge of hosting or planning an engagement party? Here are three vital elements you can’t be without when decking out the chosen venue, whether it be a house or a hired space, perfectly.


Just about any surface at any venue can be spruced up with a quality centrepiece, and fresh flowers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to brighten up a boring table or countertop. A few days before the engagement, order some flowers online.

Beautiful arrangements of natives are perfect for an outdoor party in the chillier months. Or perhaps the bride and/or groom are particularly fond of gerberas or orchids. Populating the engagement party with fresh flowers is a phenomenal way to add even more cheer and brightness to a day already bursting with both.


In addition to the flowers themselves, the vases in which they sit can be a great way to express some decorative flair at an engagement party. You can colour coordinate the vases with the different tulips and carnations you order. Or you can reuse old cans and glass bottles for a more rustic look. You can even breathe some life into old, boring vases or bottles by simply wrapping them in colourful yarn. Getting creative with the vases can bring a bit more punch to your flowers.


Printed photos are a bit more uncommon than their digital counterparts these days, but that only makes their impact greater. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate them into decorations. One easy method is to get some balloons and affix ribbon or thin plastic poles to them. Then attach the photos to the bottoms of the poles. The balloons will float up to the top of whatever room they’re in, leaving a great collection of photos floating just above guests’ heads.

You can even ask for input from guests, having them send you their favourite photo of the couple. Of course, stringing some thin rope or thread and hanging the photos with classy wooden clothespins is always a strong option as well.

Plan in Advance to Host the Perfect Engagement Party

Getting ready for an engagement party can be a lot of fun. Just remember to plan everything in advance. You could also check out deals and bargains websites to plan gifts or keepsakes for your guests. As you plan, think about how you can make the day as memorable as possible for the happy couple. Keep their likes and sensibilities in mind when working through the above ideas and concepts and let their preferences help guide your decision making. 

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