> 3 Reasons why a Luxury Collection from Fresh Flowers is the Right Move for Valentine's Day this Year

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3 Reasons Why Luxury Flowers are the Right Move this Valentine's Day

So you know you already want to order Valentines Day flowers online this year for somebody special in your life. Now comes the part where you decide which route you want to go. One fantastic option is one of the entries in the fabulous Luxury Collection from Fresh Flowers.

Here are three reasons why having one of these premium arrangements delivered this year can score you major points with your partner or whomever else you want to send Valentine’s Day flowers to!

You Can still go with the Classics

Ordering Valentine’s Day roses online for your loved one brings with it an outstanding feeling that is only rivaled by seeing the look on his or her face when such a wonderful gift is delivered. A dozen deep, red roses is a timeless present.

But maybe this is the year you go above and beyond. The Sweet Love arrangement offers five times the blooms, carefully arranged for maximum effect. Nothing compares to this arrangement when it comes to taking ravishing roses to another level.

This is Luxury that Can Last

One of the best things about ordering orchids for Valentine’s Day is that they are durable flowers. If your partner or family member loves plants, they will love receiving orchids!

When you get orchids for somebody you care about, you’ll be giving them a gift that will stay in bloom for months. The longer shelf life of these wonderful gifts can do an awesome job of representing your long-lasting feelings. Read this blog post to learn more about what different orchid colours mean.

It’s an All-in-One Floral Gift

When you order something from the Luxury Collection for Valentine’s Day this year, you’ll be getting a gift that can stand on its own. These awesome arrangements come complete with a fashionable vase so the recipient doesn’t have to track down something in which to house these beautiful blooms. That means one less chore and more time for him or her to get lost in the decadent beauty of these flowers. 

Going with something from the lavish Luxury Collection can bring a new flavour to Valentine’s Day flowers this year.

Do you have to be away from your partner this February? That’s no issue, as Fresh Flowers delivers to most major cities and surrounding areas in Australia, including but not limited to, Canberra, the Central Coast and Melbourne. Check out these premium arrangements today and find one that you think the special person in your life would love.

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