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5 Tips To Plan and Host The Best Baby Shower

Welcoming the arrival of a new baby is one of the happiest events of life, but the months leading up to the birth can be just as fun if you do things the right way.

One event on any mum-to-be’s calendar is the baby shower. Want to plan and host an awesome baby shower for a close friend or family member? From gift hampers and food, to flowers and decor here are five things you can do to make your get together a smashing success!


1. Open the Guest List and Invite Men

When many people think of baby showers, they think of afternoon gatherings for ladies. While such gatherings can be tremendously fun in their own right, don’t be afraid to include men and children at your baby shower. See what the mum-to-be prefers. (Tip: If it’s a surprise baby shower, check with the friends and family of the mum-to-be.) Sometimes having everybody around to share the joy can be the most fun.

2. List and Delegate the Gifts

Most baby showers end up with the pregnant woman receiving dozens of gifts. If you’re in charge of the event planning, take some time to think about what gifts she would cherish the most. Better still, have her write a wish-list and coordinate with the other guests to plan who will buy what for the baby. If she’s one of those mums who love a surprise, you might want to add the following gifts to your checklist:

  • Gift hampers: If the mum-to-be loves to snack, a luxurious gift hamper loaded with munchies will be a welcome remedy for when the cravings kick in.

  • Bedding and baby blankets: You can’t go wrong with these baby essentials, particularly if it’s the mum’s first child.

  • Baby books: If it is the mum’s first child then it’s naturally both an exciting and anxious time in her life. Parenting books are great to help her prepare for the new baby’s arrival. Children’s books are also a great idea for mum and bub to bond over a story in the first few months after birth.

  • Baby clothes: A big hit with mums is a brand new wardrobe for the new addition to the family. Delegate different sizes and styles among the guests, catering to the latest trends and the mum-to-be’s personal style.

  • Flowers: Welcoming a new baby is a meaningful milestone in any parent’s life. Flowers aren’t just for decor at baby showers. If you want to give a meaningful and memorable experience as your gift, surprise the mum-to-be with a bright and colourful flower arrangement.

If you’re hosting the baby shower at a public venue, remember that she will need to transport her gifts home. Have a few big cardboard boxes on hand that will make it easier to transport all the goodies. Also, provide a pad of paper and a pen for the impending mum to keep a list of who gave what (or even delegate this task to another attendee).

3. Provide a Variety of Catering Options

Just like little babies, adults can get a bit cranky if they don’t have enough food! Make sure this doesn’t happen by having some substantial offerings on hand. You don’t have to cook a seven-course feast, but try to have something more than cheese, crackers and sweets. Some nice small sandwiches or a pot full of soup can go a long way in keeping everybody smiling throughout the day.

4. Order Flowers For the Mum-To-Be

Flowers represent new beginnings, which of course is exactly what the birth of a child is! Ordering fresh flowers online is an excellent way to bring a phenomenal look to a baby shower and subtle symbolic meaning to the day.

There’s a range of decorative ideas that you can use to include flowers in your day. We recommend filling your hosting area, whether it be your home, somebody else’s place or an outdoor space such as a park, with lush floral arrangements and posies.  

Choose a variety of flowers for the baby shower including roses, sunny gerberas and sunflowers to bring brightness to a day already bursting with cheer.

5. Plan Your Seating Arrangements

Having ample seating for guests is vital if you’re going to go the traditional route of having everybody gather to watch the upcoming new mum open each and every gift. This can take hours, so be sure you have enough cushions and seat backs for guests of all shapes, sizes and ages!

There are no hard and fast rules to hosting a baby shower. You and the guest of honour should feel free to arrange the event as you like. Now you’re prepared to plan and host a stupendous baby shower today.

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