> 7 Sweet Sunflower Facts You Might Not Have Known


7 Sweet Sunflower Facts You Might Not Have Know

Sunflowers are some of the most recognisable flowers on the planet. You probably already know that these tall, beautiful yellow plants can bring a pleasant brightness to indoor and outdoor areas alike. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are seven other interesting facts about sunflowers that you might not know.

  1. They can get super tall

You might think you’re crazy about sunflowers. But you’ve got nothing on German grower Hans-Peter Schiffer. In August 2014 he set the Guinness World Record with a sunflower that reached a massive 9.17 metres! Schiffer wasn’t a new name when it came to growing records. He had already held the record for tallest sunflower twice before his 2014 triumph.

  1. They chase the sun

Much like Australians who leave the country during winter, young sunflowers love to look for the sun. They do this through a process called heliotropism, in which the bloom of the sunflower faces the sun throughout the day. As the sun moves overhead, the top of the plant will rotate with it.

  1. They can be turned into sunbutter

Sunflower seeds are a delicious treat that can be eaten by the handful, added to homemade cereals or muesli bars or used in other types of baked treats. But did you know that sunflowers provide the ingredients for a spread called sunbutter? It looks and feels similar to peanut butter and can be used similarly on toast.

  1. They consist of lots of smaller flowers

The famous head and bloom of each sunflower is actually made from bunches of smaller flowers. The middle of the flower is made up of disc florets that can reproduce. That’s where sunflower seeds come from. The outer yellow sections are ray florets. They cannot reproduce.

  1. They can help clean up the air

Years ago, scientists discovered that sunflowers can absorb nasty radiation from their surroundings without sucking up valuable nutrients. Because of this, millions were planted around Chernobyl and Fukushima after radiation disasters.

  1. They represent areas around the world

Sunflowers are native to the Americas, with the state of Kansas in the United States choosing the sunflower as its state flower. However, their popularity has spread around the world, including to Ukraine, where the yellow plant is the national flower. 

  1. They spark competition in Queensland

Held every year since its debut in 2001, The University of Queensland Sunflower Competition encourages entrants to try to grow the tallest sunflower. The event is an effort to inspire students to get involved with agricultural science.
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