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A Guide to Choosing Funeral Flowers


At an occasion as sombre and emotionally trying as a funeral, what you say is just as important as how you say it. At such a time, relying on the time-honoured tradition of presenting flowers in honour of the deceased is one of the safest ways to ensure you’re following funeral etiquette.


However, different types of flowers convey different sentiments and it’s important to choose funeral flowers with care to avoid offending or hurting the grieving family. Here’s a guide to help you choose the best flowers for a funeral.

Which Flowers Should You Take to a Funeral?

Flowers not only comfort the bereaved family but lend fragrance and colour to an otherwise sombre occasion. That also explains why flowers have assumed a place of importance in funerals for many centuries.


The next time you need to take (or send) flowers for a funeral, refer to the handy guide below to match your condolences with the right kind of flowers.

Lilies Symbolise Peace and Innocence

White lilies are among the most commonly used flowers at funerals for their majestic appearance and pleasing fragrance. For a funeral, white lilies are the perfect choice as they symbolise the return of the soul to a peaceful state of innocence. However, it is also true that lilies in different colours convey different sentiments.


Whether you want to send flowers on the day of the funeral or to a memorial service afterward to express sympathy, lilies are an appropriate choice. In the Christian faith, lilies stand for wholesomeness and are often a part of funeral wreaths and casket covers.



Roses Represent Reverence, Respect, and Love

White roses are the best choice for a funeral as they stand for purity, spirituality and innocence. That’s not to say that other shades of roses are considered inappropriate to take to a funeral.


Depending on your relationship with the deceased, you could also choose pink or red roses, which stand for appreciation and love. Dark crimson roses are used in the Christian and Muslim faiths to express grief and bid a final farewell to a loved one. Don’t forget to add an appropriate sympathy message with your roses.


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Carnations Stand for Remembrance  

The carnation, with its beautiful wispy petals and lingering fragrance, is one of the most popular flowers for a funeral. Just like the rose, the colour of the carnation you choose does have a distinct meaning.


Pink carnations are a mark of remembrance while white carnations are a token of innocence and devotion. If you want to put your admiration for the departed on display, red carnations should be a part of your chosen bouquet.


Looking to send a unique floral arrangement? Request your florist to create a bouquet or wreath with carnations, lilies, roses, and gerbera daisies.


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Australian Native Flowers Evoke Pride in the Homeland

Australian native flowers are especially suitable for someone who was close to their homeland. Celebrate the Australian spirit with a bouquet that features native blooms protea, banksias, and leucodendron.


The earthy shades and hardy nature of native Australian flowers make them a suitable choice for the funeral of someone who served in the military or a brave person who battled a difficult illness such as cancer.

Chrysanthemums Symbolise Tribute

In many countries in Europe and Asia, chrysanthemums are the flower of choice for funerals as they denote death. If you are attending an Asian funeral, white chrysanthemums are a good choice as they are associated with lamentation.


You could choose a funeral bouquet or wreath that incorporates chrysanthemums along with other flowers such as gerberas, roses, and lilies.

Orchids Invoke Everlasting Sympathy

White and pink orchids represent eternal love, and are generally regarded as being appropriate for funerals. These are perfect for funeral floral arrangements to celebrate the cherished memories of a life gone by.


These graceful flowers have become a popular choice for funeral tributes in recent years because they last long and add an exquisite touch to funeral sprays and bouquets.


Purple orchids are traditionally not associated with mourning, so it is best to choose lighter colours. Florists recommend dendrobium and phalaenopsis orchids as the best choices for expressing sympathy.



Gerberas Express Innocence and Purity

The beauty and symbolism of gerberas combine to make these cheerful flowers appropriate for funerals and tributes. Did you know that the Celtic people believed that gerberas could ease one’s worries? If you’re ordering flowers to grace the coffin of someone who was always bright and optimistic about life, gerbera daisies are an apt bloom.


While white gerbera daisies spell calm and innocence, pink gerberas stand for deep admiration. These lush flowers lend gracefulness to all types of arrangements, right from wreaths to sprays.



Need Flowers for a Funeral or Memorial Service?

Few things express sympathy and compassion as elegantly as fresh flowers. So the next time you want to pay a fitting tribute to someone who mattered to you, rely on Fresh Flowers to get your condolences across, anywhere in Australia including Sydney and Melbourne. Speak to our florists today to easily order flowers for a funeral service.

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