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Apology Flowers: Which Flowers Are Best To Say Sorry?

You’ve said or done the wrong thing! Oops, we’ve all been there. You’re not out of luck though! The best way to show that you’re sorry after a terrible argument with your partner or friend is with a gesture like a bunch of fresh flowers.

Apology flowers such as fresh roses, lilies and orchids can smooth over the initial damage or hurt you’ve caused. There are a variety of sorry flowers to send in a mind-boggling range of colours, so read on to know which flowers to pick for the different people in your life.

Roses & Lilies are the Best Apology Flowers For Your Girlfriend or Wife

Is she mad at you? Getting into a misunderstanding with your girlfriend or wife can be hard and frustrating. When it comes to romantic relationships, the best way to say you’re sorry is with a beautiful bouquet of apology flowers. To make your special woman smile wider, send sorry flowers with a gift basket or a cute teddy bear.

Roses express unconditional love, care and affection

Roses are the most romantic way to extend your apologies to someone you’ve hurt. Red roses are the universal message to express love and affection to your lady love. Remember, these flowers aren’t only for Valentine’s Day! Tell your partner that you’re really sorry and you would like to reconcile by gifting her roses.

To go that extra mile with your apology, send a small card with a personalised message to convey how much you care for and love them.

Lilies stand for humility and devotion

In ancient Greek tradition the lily flower was revered for its beauty. Calla lilies, in particular stand for humility and devotion. Because of their unmatched beauty they are the ideal apology flower for your wife or girlfriend.

If you’ve decided to send lilies to your better half, our expert florists recommend white lilies or pastel colours such as pink or yellow as these colours will best reflect your sincerity.

Tip: Read our detailed guide on the colour, meaning and symbolism of different kinds of lilies.

Tulips show new beginnings, peace, and forgiveness

Tulips are related to new beginnings and the season of Spring. They are essentially “happy flowers” and can encourage feelings of joy in a person. They also represent peace and forgiveness, so they’re the perfect type of flower to say sorry to your girlfriend or wife. However, they can definitely be admired universally by other women in your life such as your mum, mum-in-law or sister!

Orange, yellow and pink tulips represent class and elegance. If you send them to your special someone, it denotes your sincere apologies.

Need Flowers to Say Sorry To A Boyfriend? Choose Orchids

Sorry flowers work like a charm on women. But women shouldn’t be the only ones to receive flowers! If you’ve hurt or upset your man, take a modern approach and send him flowers. With boys, it can be a little tricky in finding the perfect apology gift, so a simple bunch of light-coloured flowers is a great option.

If flowers really aren’t his thing, you can alternatively gift him a thoughtful hamper with some of his favourite treats or goodies to pamper him.   

Orchids represent power, strength, virility and rarity

Orchids are exotic in nature and last long - these are the best symbols to tell your man that you really are sorry. It also shows that you’re acknowledging him for all that he is and brings to the relationship.

Orchids symbolise strength and virility. This makes them the ideal apology flower for your man! Send white orchids to your boyfriend or husband because it symbolises sincerity and the long lasting nature of your relationship. Let him that know an argument cannot diminish your love for him!

You can choose any colour or variety of orchids to send to a man, the gesture itself is enough.

Yellow Roses are the Best Apology Flowers To Send to A Friend

Even friends have disagreements with each other! Having a misunderstanding means that you’re both taking the time to understand each other’s needs and values. So it’s only natural to have a small tiff with your best buddy. But don’t let that come in the way of a beautiful friendship. Fix things before they spiral out of control with a thoughtful delivery of flowers to a friend that you have wronged.

Yellow roses stand for friendship, care and joy

Yellow roses traditionally symbolise friendship and happiness. Send a fresh bouquet of yellow flowers to say you’re sorry to a friend you’ve hurt, wronged or upset. Surprise them with flowers at work or home to show them you care and value their friendship. A delivery of a bright bouquet of yellow roses mixed with orange roses will really brighten their day and bring a smile to their face.

Other flowers you can consider gifting to a special friend that convey the message of reconciling include:

  • White orchids: They represent sincerity and care. They are delicate and fragile which is the perfect example of how a relationship should be handled.

  • Peach roses: They are often sent as a gesture of gratitude. Hurting someone’s feelings and trying to reconcile may sometimes not mend the heart straight away so sending them flowers to show your gratitude can help in the meantime.

What Colour Flowers Say I’m Sorry?

When you’re sending apology flowers, different colours convey different messages. Read on to find out about which colours convey reconciliation, appreciation and sorrow so you can make a thoughtful choice.

White and light pastels flowers convey sympathy

White coloured flowers represent sympathy, virtue, unity and pureness of new love. For a scenario where you are trying to reconcile, it’s all about reaching a new understanding with whoever you’ve had that awful argument with!

You will commonly see white coloured flowers used at traditional weddings to convey purity and unity between two loved ones. The best white apology flowers are lilies and roses.

Pink coloured flowers say love, gratitude and appreciation

The colour pink is associated with sweetness and poetic romance. It also represents gratitude and appreciation. Pink flowers are not only used to say thank you but you can also express sympathy and say sorry to a special someone. Show that you regret your actions with pink lilies or pink roses.

Yellow hues on flowers express friendship and joy

Yellow hues are usually the choice to gift when wanting to express a heartfelt apology to a close friend after a terrible misunderstanding. It also expresses your appreciation of your friendship with that person. Not only that, but yellow shades put a smile on people’s face and evokes feelings of joy. The best yellow flowers you can send to express sorrow are pink roses, gerberas and orchids.

Red is for true love and passion

Red is the perfect colour to represent true love and passion. Red flowers are definitely the notable gesture to send to show true low and to say sorry to a girlfriend or a loving wife. Mix red flowers with white and this means unity. Showing forgiveness and unity after a misunderstanding is important for any relationship. Deep red roses are the classic choice to urge your partner to accept your sincere apologies.

Say sorry and make it a memorable gesture by sending apology flowers

We’ve all wronged someone, but what matters is what we do to fix it. If you’ve accidentally hurt someone’s feelings and we’re not sure how to mend it, get in touch with our friendly Fresh Flowers consultants who can make the process smooth for you in sending the perfect apology flowers to that special person in your life to show them how much you care!

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