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Hanging basket flowers

Best flowers for hanging baskets

If you’re thinking of creating a hanging basket, there are many factors to consider before you get your gardening gloves on – such as the placement of the basket, the atmosphere you are trying to create, and the work you want to put in. While many plant varieties will grow in a hanging basket, some work better than others.
What do you want from your hanging basket?
Do you want to create a hanging basket for a special occasion – such as Christmas or Mother’s Day? Do you want to grow veggies or herbs? Or do you just want a hanging basket that looks pretty on your patio? Think about what you want from your hanging basket before you decide on what you’re going to grow.
If you want to grow fruit or veggies, think about cherry tomatoes, carrots, globe-rooted radishes dwarf French beans or strawberries. If you want a hanging herb garden, consider basil, parsley, chives, marjoram, oregano, thyme, hyssop or mint. These all work well in sun.
If you’re growing flowers, think about what they will look like, but think about the smell they will create as well. If you want to create a hanging basket that smells as great as it looks, think about heliotrope, sweet alyssum, dianthus and nicotiana.
Where will the hanging basket be placed?
Where you live will affect the plants you can grow. If you grow flowers in Sydney, you will enjoy a much different climate to that of gardeners in Darwin, for example. Do some research to find species that thrive in your climate. Also think about the placement of your hanging basket, and whether it will be hanging in the sun or the shade.
Plants that work well in the sun include the ivy-leaf geranium, verbena, moss rose, geranium, lantana, signet marigold, heliotrope and periwinkle. Plants that prefer the shade include the tuberous begonia, fuchsia, impatiens, lobelia, nasturtium and pansy. Just remember that hanging plants tend to dry out quickly, so keep them well watered – especially if they are kept in the sun.
What style are you looking for?
Hanging baskets can come in all shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and garden styles. Think about the style you want and do some research to get ideas. You may want to create a hanging basket that features just one flower in a range of colours, or you may want to create a contrast by using a number of different flowers. You may want to use bold colours or a soft pastel palette.
If you’re opting for bold, consider a basket with geraniums, Swan River daisies, nirembergia, marigolds and petunias. If you want to create soft textures, use plants with small foliage and flowers, such as the Swan River daisy, bacopa and asparagus fern.
How green are your fingers?
If you’re not a confident gardener or you don’t have much time to spend on your hanging basket day-to-day, research low maintenance options. These could include begonias of the boliviensis or Nonstop Mocca varieties, or if you’re really unsure, try creating a hanging basket with succulents.

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