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Flowers at graduation ceremony

Celebrate Graduation With Colour Coordinated Flowers

Graduating from university is a fantastic achievement that represents years of hard work and dedication. It is also a chance to shower your favourite student with congratulations. One of the easiest and quickest ways to say job well done is to order flowers online. Doing so gives you a great chance to add some colour and fun to the graduation proceedings.
Have somebody who just finished up his or her exams and is getting ready to don a robe and walk across stage to get his or her diploma? Order these flowers online to colour coordinate your floral gift with the colours of his or her university.

Blue and White
Students graduating from a school with a blue and white colour scheme, such as the University of Melbourne, have a chance to order some really stunning bouquets from Fresh Flowers. Our selection of Blue-Belle arrangements features wonderful, deep iris, rosesgerberas and carnations that look perfect next to a framed diploma. And our Melbourne flower delivery makes it easy to make the big day look great.

Red and Gold
These are popular colour choices for universities around Australia. The University of South Australia employs this combination along with blue, which together represent the three state colours. You are flush with choice when it comes to these colours, with red roses and yellow tulips and gerberas just a few clicks away. For a nice combination of these hues, check out our Adelaide flower delivery for the lovely Sundance posy.

Gold, Purple and Green
The University of Queensland boasts gold, purple and green as its colours, providing a perfect opportunity for you to order flowers online to celebrate a graduation. A wonderful purple Phalaenopsis orchid will keep the graduate company for months with its strong purple and green tones. And there are plenty of options when it comes to picking out flowers that represent the gold of the school’s colours. Choose from tulips, lilies and sunflowers that practically pop out of their vases.

When it comes to buying graduation flowers online, stand out from the crowd by taking an extra bit of time to coordinate the colours of the blooms with the hues of the university the graduate is leaving. Need help figuring out the perfect way to combine all of the different colours into a great-looking arrangement? Contact Fresh Flowers today and let our staff of experienced florists help you determine the ultimate arrangement with which you can congratulate the new graduate.  

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