> How is Mother's Day Celebrated Around The World?

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How is Mother's Day Celebrated Around The World?

Here in Australia, you know you’ll be in big trouble with the woman that helped bring you into the world if you don’t send flowers to celebrate Mothers Day or at the very least give her a call on the second Sunday of May. The same thing applies in the United States, Mexico, China, Canada, India and several other countries around the world. But May isn’t the only time around the world people get serious about buying flowers for Mothers Day. Here’s a look at how women with children are celebrated around the world each year.

How Australians Celebrate Mother's Day

In Australia, people of all ages celebrate Mother's Day by spending time with their mums and other family members. The day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. The chrysanthemum (also known as Chrissie in true Australian style!) is the quintessential Mother's Day symbol as the flower is in season in Australia in May. While most people complete their Mother's Day wishes with a card, others choose to give more luxurious gifts

Mother's Day in the United Kingdom

Unlike Australia, Mother's Day in the UK is celebrated three weeks before Easter. In the UK, Mother's Day finds its origins in an ancient tradition where Christians would visit the church where they were baptised (also known as their 'Mother Church'). This tradition took on a more secular character as the years passed and soon became a day to show gratitude to their mothers. People in the UK celebrate Mother's Day by gifting mum fresh flowers, a card, and a gift.

Mother's Day in Thailand

Thailand’s Mothers Day history has changed a bit throughout the years. The first official celebration was on 15 April, 1950. However, in 1976, the national holiday was moved to 12 August in honour of Queen Sirikit’s birthday. The queen has ruled Thailand since 1956 and is often referred to as the Mother of all Thai people. The big day is commemorated with much more than bouquets of Mothers day flowers. Houses and public spaces are decorated with lights and portraits of the queen. There is also a candle-lighting ceremony and fireworks displays that take place throughout the country.

How Russia Celebrates Mother's Day

Like Thailand, Russia has also had multiple dates associated with Mothers Day. Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the country rolled the celebration of mothers into International Women’s Day, which takes place on 8 March each year. But, in 1998, a few years after Russia became its own nation, the country introduced the last Sunday in November as a new Mothers Day. Despite the change, many children still elect to buy Mothers Day flowers and give gifts on the initial day in March. Old habits die hard!

Mother's Day in Panama

This Central American country sets aside 8 December as the day to celebrate Mothers Day. Panamanians don’t just honour their mother; they honour the woman whom many consider to be the mother. In Panama, the Catholic Church celebrates the life of the Virgin Mary on this day.

Egyptian Mother's Day

Like many Arabian nations, Egypt celebrates Mothers Day on 21 March each year. This day also commemorates the first day of Spring. Mustafa Amin, a journalist who fought for freedom of speech and the press in Egypt, helped popularise the day there in 1943.

No matter how it’s done around the world, celebrating Mothers Day is a great time to show your appreciation for the impact your mum has had in your life. Check out Fresh Flowers for an amazing range of Mothers Day flowers or choose your own bouquet of carnationslilies, or tulips to brighten her day.

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