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Coloured Roses

Guide To Gifting Roses By Colour and Meaning

Roses come in an array of colours. From red to yellow, white to pink, you can potentially gift roses in all the colours of the rainbow (we’ve got rainbow roses too!). With such variety, we’re sure there are times when you’re completely in the dark as to which you should choose to gift.

We’ve put together this guide to help you learn more about the meaning of rose colours. Go ahead and match your rose colours to the occasion you’d like to gift for!

Red Roses Mean “I Love You”

Red Roses

Nothing says “I love you” like a beautiful bouquet of red roses. We all know from movies and popular novels that red roses are a timeless symbol of love, but the meaning runs much deeper. Love is layered, and so too is the meaning of the red rose.

The colour red evokes an energetic and sensual response in the human brain, and is therefore associated with warmer, passionate relationships. The number of rose stems you choose to give will also add an additional dimension to the meaning of your gift.

When should you gift a red rose?

- First Dates: If you want to make a good first impression on your sweetheart, a simple bouquet of red roses will woo their heart, and win their good graces.
- Romantic Getaway: Planning a romantic weekend away with that special someone? Surprise them with a posy of red roses, delivered direct to the hotel.
- Wedding anniversary: Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary or the 10th one, a gift of red roses is always appropriate. Premium long-stemmed roses packaged elegantly in a gift box or sitting pretty in a bouquet are sure to add a romantic touch to your anniversary date night.
- Valentine’s Day: As the most romantic day of the year, it is not surprising that this is when the red rose faces the highest demand. Give a single stem to say “I Love You”, or a dozen roses to pop that question you know they’re waiting for!

Pink Roses Mean “I Care for You”

Pink roses are just as rich in meaning as their red counterparts. You can send a message of love just as easily with these gorgeous buds, particularly if you have recently entered into a relationship.

As an icon of platonic love, the pink rose is also a great choice to gift when you wish to show affection for relatives or friends with whom you share an extra special connection.

When should you gift a pink rose?

- Birthdays: When your best friend’s birthday party comes around or it’s time to take mum out for lunch, gifting a pink bouquet is the way to show how much they mean to you.
- 15th Wedding Anniversary: Pink isn’t just for new blooms. Celebrate your 15th wedding anniversary with a beautiful posy or arrangement of pink roses to mark your commitment.
- Valentine’s Day: Symbolising the softer side of love, pink roses are a great alternative to red on Valentine’s Day, particularly for new couples.

Yellow Roses Mean “Congratulations!”

Yellow Roses

Yellow represents all that is joyous and beautiful about life, the world, and that someone special. There are many positive occasions which pop up unexpectedly and it’s these fabulous times of year which bring yellow roses to the forefront as a congratulatory gift.

Gift yellow roses to congratulate them on any of the following achievements:

- Graduations: From the high school certificate to a degree earned with blood, sweat and tears, graduations are a day best marked with yellow.
- Promotions: Have a yellow posy or arrangement delivered to their office when they’ve been promoted to celebrate a job well done!
- 50th Wedding Anniversary: Reflect on the last 50 years with your beloved with a posy or bouquet of yellow roses

Celebrate or Mourn With White Roses

White roses symbolise the purity, innocence and virtue of the recipient. For festive occasions like engagements and weddings white roses mark a rite of passage, a transition from one phase of life to another. On a solemn day when the energy is not so high, white roses express sympathies or bid farewell to a lost loved one.

White roses should be gifted for:

- Funerals: White roses are not so much a gift as a token of remembrance when brought to a funeral.
- Hospital Visits: Have a posy or arrangement of white roses handy to wish someone well in their hospital bed. Their calming effect will soothe your friend or relative.
- Engagements: Gift white roses to celebrate new beginnings and mark the announcement of a coming union, in honour of the happy couple.

Rainbow Roses Mean “Happiness”

Rainbow Roses


The rainbow is a timeless symbol of rebirth, freedom and triumph. Rainbow roses are suitable for any occasion, but we recommend gifting them on:

- Mother’s Day: Brighten mum’s day with a bouquet of flowers that will express your thanks for her support, love and care. Here are some more tips on ordering Mother’s Day flowers.
- Anniversaries: Tell your partner you “love them like all the colours of the rainbow” with these gorgeous buds.
- New Baby Arrival: Gender-inclusive and colourful to a tee, a two dozen stem rose arrangement will brighten the nursery.

Gift Roses Meaningfully

By matching the colour of your roses to the sentiment of any occasion, you’re giving a gift that’s much more thoughtful. If you’d like to order some roses for Valentine’s Day, birthdays, and many other occasions, contact the friendly team at Fresh Flowers today!


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