> Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Pair with Flowers

Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas to Pair with Flowers

You want to spoil mum with the best on Mother’s Day, so it’s natural to also want to do something extra and pair a gift with flowers.

Our top tip for pairing gifts with flowers is to keep mum’s personality at the forefront of your decision. Some mums are loving homemakers, others love a little adventure, whereas some could do with a relaxing getaway from their busy job.

Whoever your mum is, there is something that you can treat her with to show how much she means to you. Read on to find out about which gifts pair well with flowers for seven different mums.

1. The Loving Mum

Flower Arrangement with book

Mums do so much more loving than we realise, and we appreciate them less than we should. She is there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, the warmth of a hug, or the wisdom of her advice. Now you can show the depth of your love with these gifts from the bottom of your heart:

A Handwritten Mother’s Day Card or Message with Flowers

Give mum a card with a handwritten note or message with her bouquet of Mother’s Day flowers for her to treasure. Put your thoughts to paper to tell mum how much her love, guidance and support means to you. We’ve got some touching Mother’s Day quotes for you here.

This is a sentimental gift that will adorn a special place in her home and heart for years to come. If you are worried about the style of your handwriting, check out these calligraphy tips.

A Book of Inspirational Quotes with Flowers

If you’re not confident you can impress mum with your handwriting (although we’re sure she’ll love it!) you can purchase a book of inspirational quotes. Have your floral arrangement delivered to her door and wrap up the book to take to Mother’s Day lunch.

Choose a floral arrangement overflowing with carnations for a deeper and more meaningful Mother’s Day flower delivery. Carnations are the traditional Mother’s Day symbol and flower, which means Mum will be delighted to see you went the extra mile to make her feel special.

For the loving mum, the one thing you must remember is that it’s the thought behind the gift that she’ll remember most.

2. The Luxurious Mum

Some mums love to live a little more luxuriously and will enjoy being spoiled with a glamorous gift alongside their flowers.

A Bottle of Wine or Champagne with Flowers

To give mum a taste of the finer things in life, consider pairing a bouquet of carnations or gerberas with a bottle of bubbly. Whether it’s her favourite wine or a new champagne you’re sure she’ll love, there’s no classier way to enjoy a Mother’s Day brunch. To get really creative you could find out what she plans to serve and pair the wine with her chosen dish!

3. The Techie Mum

The Techie mum

If your mum is the kind who carries around ten gadgets in her handbag then you might want to accompany her flowers with an addition to the bundle!

A New Phone, Tablet or Laptop Case with Flowers

We know you may not have the budget for a new device (although if you do, go for it!), but a cover or case to adorn her favourite technological passtime will hit the right tone for your Mother’s Day gift.

You could order online to find a range of designer options or visit your local computer or department store to find out what’s trending.

4. The Foodie Mum

All mums love food, but some enjoy seeking out trending culinary delights with an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm. For foodie mums, you should have no doubt about the gift you’ll give her with that bouquet of chrysanthemums you ordered.

A Food Hamper with Flowers

There are a variety of gift hampers and food packages that will whet mum’s appetite. With food hampers you can make an entire day out of the gift so that it will mean so much more! Have the flowers delivered to mum’s door and take her out for a picnic so that you can enjoy the yummy treats together, and create some special memories this Mother’s Day.

5. The Adventurous Mum

These mums are tough in spirit and ready for an adventure. They’re not one to shy away from a challenge and neither should you when purchasing a gift to pair with their flowers. For adventurous mums, a gift should reflect the activities they enjoy, or offer a new experience that can get the adrenaline pumping.

Gift a Mother’s Day Activity with Flowers

Does mum enjoy venturing out into the great outdoors or hiking the heart rate with adrenaline pumping activities? Consider planning an activity with your mum that will match her level of intensity, from bungee jumping and skydiving, to a calmer adventure such as a nature walk.

You might also find there’s something mum has always wanted to do, but has never had the opportunity. Consider taking her for a swim with the sharks, a horseback ride, four-wheel driving or anything in between to give her a taste of adventure.

6. The Travelling Mum

You can satisfy this mum’s lust for life by taking her on a weekend getaway or day trip. Mums who love to travel enjoy a holiday for different reasons. Some want to see the sights, others enjoy new activities, but the true traveller relishes experiencing the culture of a new city.

Give the Gift of Travel with Flowers

You don’t need to give mum five nights in a luxury tropical resort as a gift. Start Mother’s Day by giving her flowers and then take her on a day trip to a picturesque country town, or vice-versa into the heart of the city for an enriching cultural experience she’ll treasure forever.

You can also enjoy a weekend in another Australian state and have your flowers delivered to the hotel (we deliver nationwide afterall!).

7. The Workaholic Mum

This mum is one of the harder ones to gift for because the goal is to get a workaholic to stop working! Whether your mum has found her dream job, or simply can’t log out of her emails on weekends, there’s a range of gifts that will remind her she is just as important as her work.

Give Self-Care Products with Flowers

Workaholics often forget self-care, and leave little time for relaxation before they burnout. For Mother’s Day give mum a self-care kit, including bath salts, shampoos, perfumes and candles to promote relaxation. You can also give her a voucher for a spa treatment if you think she won’t leave the house to relax.

The workaholic mum simply needs to be reminded that she is important to you, and that there are times when work can wait.

Pair Mum’s Flowers with the Right Mother’s Day Gift

When purchasing a gift to pair with beautiful Mother’s Day flowers, keep mum’s personality at the forefront of your decision. In doing so you will have a well-rounded gift that she’ll not only enjoy, but that will also facilitate some much-needed quality time. Your time is the most precious gift of all.

If you would like to learn more about the kinds of flowers you can give mum for Mother’s Day, contact the friendly team at Fresh Flowers today.